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There’s Got to be a Safer Way to Do These Things!

 Safety laws are there to protect all of us and help prevent work-related accidents. However, it appears not everyone likes to take work safety seriously. As you will see in the photos below, some people literally have no concept of safety - it's like they never even heard the word!

Don’t worry, these people are all safe and sound; from the person precariously standing on a ladder to the guy holding a cutting machine dangerously close to his face. We guarantee that these work safety fail pictures will make you anxious... and then make you laugh out loud!

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1. "We got you, man. Don't worry about a thing."

safety fails, construction

2. Please get a stool, sir! 

safety fails, stool

3. There are so many ways this can go wrong

safety fails, ladder

4. "Eh... This is totally safe. I do it every day."

safety fails, tree work

5. Yeah, this seems almost set for disaster

safety fails, ladder

6. "Damn, I should've brought my sunglasses."

safety fails, cutting machine

7. He literally got his buddy's back 

safety fails,

8. There's got to be a safer way to do this!

safety fails, construction

9. But... why?

safety fails, supermarket

10. Everyone better listen to what this guy has to say

safety fails,

11. Okay, now I am feeling anxious for this guy 

safety fails, construction

12. Let's hope he hasn't dozed off there 

safety fails, car

13. Oh, dear! 

safety fails, short circuit

14. We pray this guy went straight home

safety fails,

15. A nice gust of wind and it's gonna start hailing stones

safety fails

All images source: Acid Cow
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