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14 Hilarious Cats In Places They Have No Business To Be

 One of the many wondrous abilities of felines is making themselves at home anywhere and everywhere... And we do mean absolutely anywhere. Inside nooks that are clearly too small or literally on their owners' heads, cats can be comfortable, or at least look like they are, in places most other pets would not. 

Not only is this phenomenon interesting it can also be unbelievably funny. Spotting your cat in a cereal box, in the sink, in a flowerpot, or right in your pocket always makes for a fun moment, and a few generous cat owners decided to share those moments with the world. So without further ado, here are 14 cats in places where they have no business being...


1. Blink and you'll miss itCats in Weird Places under the cupboard

2. This doesn't look like an almond cookie...Cats in Weird Places cookie box

3. SneakyCats in Weird Places pocket

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4. If I didn't know any better I'd think he got stuckCats in Weird Places wall

5. This is no time for reading, it's time for cuddlesCats in Weird Places on a book

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6. Defying GravityCats in Weird Places car

7. The computer repairs guys hard at workCats in Weird Places computer

8. When you just can't be bothered with taking the examCats in Weird Places school

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9. If you needed further proof that cats are actually liquid, there it is.Cats in Weird Places bottle

10. Always wins at hide and seekCats in Weird Places sofa

11. Oh hi there!Cats in Weird Places  banjo

12. Rough night?Cats in Weird Places toilet

13. Cats need to travel somehow...Cats in Weird Places train

14. "Oh, it's laundry day? think again."Cats in Weird Places washing machine

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