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12 Side-Splitting Signs to Tickle Your Funny Bone

 Feeling sad or bored? After reading these 12 side-splitting signs, you will no longer have those two problems on your hands. Some of these signs are intentionally funny, whereas others were accidentally spelled or translated wrong. Whatever the story behind them may be, these signs ended up saying something completely different from what they initially intended, and it's hilarious.

1. Nice try, but why aren't they called cupcakeholders, then?

Funny Signs cupcakeholders

2. I need someone to explain the meaning of this sign to me

Funny Signs no shirt no service

3. The real Stairway to Heaven is underwhelming...

Funny Signs Stairway to Heaven

4. This coffee shop doesn't have the best track record

Funny Signs over 7 customers

5. This farm has a very specific type of clientele...

Funny Signs watermelons and weapons

6. You either missed a T there or Jesus changed his name to Chris

Funny Signs chris has risen

7. Plan for your great grandchildren's future, in a galaxy far far away...

Funny Signs 20020 20021

8. This billboard is sending a very dubious message

Funny Signs dinner

9. Is this a park for dogs and large bread?

Funny Signs dog park

10. Stop bringing things to justice immediately!

Funny Signs Chinese translation

11. Thanks for letting everyone know

Funny Signs no purpose

12. Indeed I am... How did you know?

Funny Signs you are here
Source of all images: Izismile
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