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17 Hilarious Building Design Fails You’ll Want to See!

 Architecture and interior design may be generally considered a creative field, but like any art and science, they, too, have their own rules and regulations that are there for a reason, be it for safety or just plain old common sense. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this, and we have plenty of design fail examples in both private homes and massive building projects. Whoever made these projects happen took some extreme creative liberties as well, ones that are both puzzling, mystifying, and absolutely hilarious!

1. How on Earth was this building project ever approved?

Design Fails  How on Earth was this building project ever approved?
Image Source: Reddit

2. A public toilet that urges people to really go out of their comfort zone

3. Because duct tape can solve ANY problem

Design Fails duct tape
Image Source: Izismile

4. Wow, that's a whole new level of lazy!

Design Fails flower pots
Image Source: Imgur
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5. I wouldn't want to get a glass of water at night in this kitchen

Design Fails kitchen
Image Source: Izismile

6. The puzzle of the year: what came first, the lamp post or the building?

Design Fails lamp post building
Image Source: Izismile

7. I just hope they will never need that fire extinguisher...

Design Fails door fire extinguisher
Image Source: Reddit

8. Every architect's bad dream involves living in this very building

Design Fails slim building
Image Source: Izismile

9. A subtle hint that you're not welcome in this building

Design Fails not welcome
Image Source: Reddit

10. Just one question: WHY?

Design Fails door stopper
Image Source: Reddit

11. Well, you gotta make things work, I guess...

Design Fails mess
Image Source: Izismile

12. Imagine having to park your car there every evening?

Design Fails parking
Image Source: Izismile

13. I'm pretty sure this building violates all existing architectural rules

Design Fails weird building
Image Source: Izismile

14. That's a pretty steep staircase if you ask me...

Design Fails staircase
Image Source: Izismile

15. Let's say it this way: there's a reason why that car on the far left isn't parked in the garage

Design Fails garage
Image Source: Izismile

16. Just an ordinary building in Alexandria, Egypt. Because who needs the Leaning Tower of Pisa if you see this on your way home every day?

Design Fails Alexandria, Egypt
Image Source: Reddit

17. The secret chamber

Design Fails hidden urinal
Image Source: Reddit
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