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Photo Collection: Photos of Japan's Beautiful Nature

 From the incredible majesty of Mount Fuji to the tranquil forests, and on to the gorgeous colors of spring blossoms, one can survey Japan's beautiful natural gifts for a lifetime. Japan's natural beauty is held by its vast traditions of careful and patient care, including its own private gardens, which almost every house has and meticulously tends to. This gorgeous collection will fill your eyes with the wonders that are nature in Japan. 
Japan is more than Japanese culture, it is also a land of unspeakable natural beauty. A big part of that fact is the marvelous and beautiful trees that grow in the land of the rising sun. Let's have a look and see some of the most gorgeous ones.
Mount Fuji has not erupted in over 300 years, since the Hoei eruption in 1707-1708. Being the giant volcano is one of the most stunning places on earth, we should enjoy its beauty as long as we can. The famous mountain can be found on Honshu island, but its height of 3,776 meters (12,389 feet), the gargantuan volcano can be seen from many a beautiful place in Japan.
Japanese amateur photographer Hidenobu Suzuki likes to compare his photos to Japanese paintings. He believes that to convey emotions, one must abandon realism. Suzuki says that he uses his photos to enhance spiritual feelings, in a way similar to theater and music. He puts much thought into the compositions and detail in his photos, using light and angles to convey his inner feelings.
The mesmerizing beauty of Japan's streets is captured by Photographer Takashi Yasui. For Tuck, as he is otherwise known as, photography is a pleasure and a passion. He uses it to convey curiosity rather than emotion, and these photos certainly depict this idea.
There are few places in the world that are as beautiful in springtime as Japan is, and this is largely due to the beautiful cherry blossoms that are synonymous with the Far Eastern country. Strolling beneath these beautifully-flowering sakura trees is one of the most amazing experiences provided by nature. In fact, cherry blossoms are taken very seriously by the Japanese - the Meteorological Agency even provides a dedicated forecast so people can track it moving north! 
Japan’s natural beauty is beyond question, but this nation also showcases some extraordinary beauty in the most ordinary urban locations. Whether uber-modern and high-tech or traditional and quaint, Japan’s street life is bustling with vivid splendor and color. Though it may be hard to believe, these gorgeous and stunning photographs capture what life is really like on the streets of Japan.
Kristina Makeeva is a talented photographer from Moscow. One day, she and her friends, on a whim, bought tickets to Japan during the cherry blossom season – known as Hanami in Japanese. Japan is an absolutely amazing country, and during this time, it turns into a pink fairy tale. Below are some of the stunning photos that she took on her trip.
Nature is truly beautiful and vast, as these stunning photos, taken in Japan show. Kunito Imai is a nature photographer in Tokyo, who photographs nature in Japan. Imai uses the 'less is more' approach when taking photos. These photos depict the purest forms of nature in Japan. Take a look at these stunning images, which capture the mesmerizing seasonal changes in Japan.
Photographer Misaki Nagao visited Ginzan Onsen, one of Japan’s most beautiful hot spring resorts, and he captured the true beauty of a Japanese winter. When viewing the shots below, you’ll feel as if you have just entered a secret wonderland, surrounded by a mysterious aura. Be warned, they’ll make you want to book a trip to Japan straight away!
Andrew Alexeyev and his wife traveled to Japan for two weeks and they took some amazing photographs. They traveled along the route Japan Guide, which is known as “The Best of Japan in 14 Days. Inside you can find some of the amazing photographs that they took along the way.
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