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15 Images from the Wonderful Streets of Japan

Japan’s natural beauty is beyond question, but this nation also showcases some extraordinary beauty in the most ordinary urban locations. Whether uber-modern and high-tech or traditional and quaint, Japan’s street life is bustling with vivid splendor and color. Though it may be hard to believe, these gorgeous and stunning photographs capture what life is really like on the streets of Japan.
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At night, even the humblest of streets in Japan glistens with neon lights, inviting patrons in for a homely meal or an evening of karaoke. 
Yet people also take great care of themselves when it comes to spiritual matters, combing Shinto, a form of local ancestor worship, with the meditative religion of Buddhism.
No matter where it is, people in Japan can always find some cherry blossom trees to admire during springtime.
The old capital city, Kyoto, still seems like it hasn’t changed for centuries, when you wander down streets like these.
Seeing people dressed in traditional kimono is not uncommon, even in the most modern or urban environments.
Kimono is worn especially during summertime, when you can see many people getting ready to go to the seasonal fireworks displays.
People work so hard here that they often require a lot of downtime on their commutes. It is therefore considered very rude to answer one’s phone and raise one's voice on a train.
The sunrise in this ancient oriental city (Kyoto) is always accompanied by the sight of dozens of happy children wending their way to school.
The people enjoy spending their evenings talking politics and other matters with one another over glasses of beer and shochu.
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The streets are ruthlessly clean here, even though you will be hard-pressed to find a garbage can anywhere.
Visiting the temples is a must for anyone who is lucky enough to come to Japan. To this day, they are still being built in the old style.
Many old houses are built largely from wood, which is quite a surprise to many visitors expecting sophisticated tower blocks in every corner.
Can you picture yourself walking along the streets of this historical place.
The unique activities that have arisen here are now famous the world over as quintessentially Japanese.
The people here are as fascinating as the buildings they walk between, all of which makes Japan’s streets some of the most amazing in the world.
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