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11 Stunning and Impressive Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are the marvels of modern building technology and in the past, these huge and impressive buildings were considered a great achievement and a rare spectacle, but today they can be seen in many places around the world. Of course, this means that the people behind them have a much higher bar to reach when creating an extraordinary skyscraper, and the designers who do this work become bolder as construction capabilities progress. As evidence of this, you’ll find in the following article 11 unusual skyscrapers built in different countries, a few of which have just started to take shape. There’s no doubt that in the coming years these structures will become such that the entire world will recognize...

1. Evolution Tower - Moscow, Russia

Skycrapers: Evolution Tower - Moscow, RussiaIn the Presnensky district of Moscow, there is a large skyscrapers complex which includes the 255-meter-tall Evolution Tower. The skyscraper was designed in the form of a double DNA coil that symbolizes the convergence of individuals, families, and generations - hence the name given to the building.

2. Agora Tower - Taipei Taiwan

Towers: Agora Tower - Taipei TaiwanOn an extensive plot of land in Taipei, Taiwan, the Agora Tower, also known as Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, is being built. The vast and winding structure is designed to accommodate as many tenants as possible in urban areas and to prevent damage to nature and its sources. In order to reduce the use of artificial energy, double glazed windows have been installed that combine shutters to prevent the penetration of solar radiation in the summer and to reduce the need for winter heating. When the construction is completed, 23,000 trees and bushes will be planted in all balconies together, which will serve as dense vegetation for the absorption of 130 tons of carbon dioxide per year - a quantity that sounds impressive but is actually the amount of pollution caused by only 27 cars ...high-rise: Agora Tower - Taipei Taiwan

3. Dynamic Tower - Dubai

Towers: Dynamic Tower - DubaiIn recent years, many skyscrapers have been built in Dubai, but such a structure has yet to be seen - the first skyscraper in the world to turn. This imaginative idea was conceived by Israeli-Italian architect, David Fischer, who designed the building so that the floors in it could rotate 360 degrees in both directions and allow each tenant to see different views from their apartment windows. The magnificent tower will consist of 80 floors, some of which will be privately owned and the rest will be part of a hotel. Among other things, a special elevator is planned here at the concrete core of the tower where residents can park their car right next to their apartment.

4. Grand Lisboa - Macau, China

Towers: Grand Lisboa - Macau, ChinaGrand Lisbon is a 47-story skyscraper located in Macau, China. The building serves as a hotel with 430 rooms and huge suites that offer state-of-the-art television systems and stunning views. In addition, inside the building, there is a 3-star Michelin restaurant and a casino offering 800 game tables and 1,000 slot machines. At the Grand Lisbon Casino, the world's largest processed diamond - "The Star of Stanley Ho", which according to the American Institute of Diamond Research weighs 218.08 carats – is permanently displayed.

5. Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia

Towers: Moscow State University - Moscow, RussiaMoscow University has an impressive skyscraper, 240 meters high and topped with a gold star with a total weight of 12 tons. Until 1988, the university building held the highest tower in Russia in particular and throughout Europe in general; There are 5,000 rooms, a museum, a large hall, a police station, and a swimming pool. The center serves the 4 main faculties of the university, and especially the Faculty of Mathematics.

6. The Big Bend - New York, USA

Towers: The Big Bend - New York, USAIf Greek architect Ioannis Vikelas’ plans come to fruition he will build the world's tallest high-rise skyscraper - the Big Bend in Manhattan. The structure, which is planned to be built in the form of a reverse U-shaped, will be 1,200 meters from one base to the other. The proposal is to build a thin 600-meter building that will include elevators that can turn and even move horizontally, with a Baptist church between the two connected buildings. The shape of the Big Bend was seen as an attempt to circumvent the building regulations limiting the height of skyscrapers in Manhattan, and in response to the prosperity of these luxury buildings in the city. As of 2017, the Big Bend is in early planning stages only and Ioannis Vikelas is trying to recruit investors for the ambitious project.

7. Lakhta Center - St. Petersburg, Russia

Towers: Lakhta Center - St. Petersburg, RussiaLakhta Center is a skyscraper located in St. Petersburg, Russia which rises to 462 meters. This huge and monstrous building is the second tallest building in Russia and on the continent of Europe as of 2018. The tower was built by gas company Gazprom, which is planning to move its new home to the skyscraper. The building was designed so that it would look to all those looking at it like a flower or flame, and inside it, there are 40 elevators for the benefit of visitors and residents. The building contains an amphitheater with 2,000 seats, a 357-meter observation point, a designed pedestrian mall, and a large water park. The cost of construction of this skyscraper is about $ 1.77 billion.

high-rise: Lakhta Center - St. Petersburg, Russia

8. W350 Tower - Tokyo, Japan

Towers: W350 Tower - Tokyo, JapanThe W350 Skyscraper is a 70-story building to be built in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese company that is slated to build the tower plans to construct 90% of the building using wood and only 10% using steel, with construction costs estimated at $5.6 billion, which is twice the current amount usually shelled out for a building of this size. The tower will include an internal earthquake-resistant system, which is commonplace in Japan, and a system against structural changes resulting from winds. The building plans show balconies around the four sides of the building, providing a space where residents can enjoy clean air and low sunlight, trees planted on every balcony, and offices and apartments to provide employment and housing for many.

9. Al Noor Tower - Casablanca, Morocco

high-rise: Al Noor Tower - Casablanca, MoroccoAnother future development is the El Nour Tower, slated to be built in Casablanca, Morocco, and will be the tallest tower in Africa. The height of the building will be 540 meters - to symbolize the 54 African countries existing on the continent - and will consist of 114 floors. The tower will include offices, hotels, commercial areas, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and a vast residential area. Al Noor was designed to imitate a wedding dress, as the French architect who designed the look of the building though.

10. Kingdom Center - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Towers: Kingdom Center - Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaThe Kingdom Center is the third-largest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia and holds the title of the third tallest building in the world “with a hole.” The large opening at the end of the building is lit in constantly changing colors, and many people describe it as the necklace that adorns the city. The skyscraper serves as a shopping mall, hotel, and residential apartments, and the two ends of the building connect a 56-foot-high covered passageway that is open to visitors and can be reached by elevators. For the benefit of visitors and tenants, there are 45 elevators and 3,000 parking spaces in the building. The total cost of construction here is estimated at $453 million.

11. Tower Q1 - Queensland, Australia

Towers: Tower Q1 - Queensland, AustraliaQ1 or Queensland Number 1, is a skyscraper located in the city of Surfers Paradise, Australia. The impressive building is used only for residential purposes and as a result, it shares the title of the tallest residential building in the world with the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. The tower rises to 323 meters and is inspired by the Olympic torch. The Q1 includes 527 spacious apartments as well as prestigious penthouses that are defined as the highest residential apartments in the world; The tower has 80 stories, while on the 77th and 78th floors there are observation points that can accommodate up to 400 people at a time.

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