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How to Become a Computer Expert

 It's the age of computers, or so they tell me. I mean, I do WORK at an online magazine! But I still have a hard time admitting that my computer has become an inseparable part of my life. That doesn't mean I understand it, of course. If you're like me, you sometimes have a bit of a hard time with your computer as well. This is why we've compiled here some of our most helpful pieces about your computer, from using it better to cleaning it, from searching Google better to finding out if your computer is infected with a virus. So add this page to your favorites, and come here when you want to learn more about your PC.
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The computer has become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and most of us make daily use of it. When using your computer, there are many keyboard shortcuts that can make its use faster and easier, rather than having you find the appropriate menu command with your mouse. So here are some very easy commands you can use every day.
Nowadays, it's not easy to tell whether a site is safe to visit or not. Many dodgy and dangerous websites are being designed to look respectable. Therefore, you should always make sure that the page is safe before visiting – there are multiple ways you can do this. It's especially important to check out the safety of the website before providing sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, banking information, your email address and so on.
While the mouse may seem like a trivial part of your computer, there are probably a lot of things you don't know about its use. Here are some great tips on how to maximize the use of your mouse, which will increase your overall productivity on the computer.
Malicious software is becoming an epidemic: it seems like it's everywhere. Also, sadly, there’s been a change in the way malware acts. It used to be that it would slow down your computer or constantly display annoying popups, but it has now become even more discreet. In fact, you could be infected right now and not even have the slightest idea.
Google is an excellent search tool. But are you sure of how to use it effectively and efficiently? Here are some tips that will aid you in your searches and help you arrive at the most exact and reliable results, without a lot of extra browsing required.
Have you ever wondered what those twelve, mysterious 'F' keys at the top of your computer keyboard do? Most of us ignore them, but they actually have a number of uses that can help you enjoy a quicker and more efficient computing experience. Known more properly as the 'Function Keys', some are more useful than others and many of them have different functions depending on the programs you are using. Our simple guide gives you all the information you need about the uses of the 'F' keys so that they are a mystery no more!
Why is cleaning a computer important? Because the cleanliness of a computer has a big impact on its speed. A clean computer works much faster, and that's a fact. Also, it's a lot more pleasant to be using a shiny, clean mouse and keyboard while looking at a shiny, clean screen. So let's clean that computer, from top to bottom. Don't worry, we'll be with you the whole way! 
Google is such an amazing website that most people rely on daily to provide them with all kinds of services and information. Yet, as it turns out, Google offers loads of cool tricks that you have probably never even heard of. Have a look at these 17 things you can do with Google!
Windows has many built-in tools and functions that make everyday tasks a lot easier. However, the majority of these tools are difficult to find and use effectively. Therefore, to help you get the most out of Windows, here's a list of 7 lesser-known Windows tools. These tools are very effective and can help you out a lot if you learn how to use them.
The internet is such a central part of our lives now, with all of our correspondence via email and instant messaging and the ability to purchase anything we need online. However, the ease that the internet has introduced to our lives does not come without a cost. That cost? Some of our privacy. There are many ways to defend yourselves, but here are the 7 basic things you need to do to avoid being easy targets, and they're not hard to do, so pass them along and make everyone safer.
If your computer has become slow and is starting to lag, it’s probably about time you serviced it. You can take it to a computer repair shop, but this will obviously cost you money, and a lot of what they’ll do you could easily do at home yourself. In other words, instead of paying out for pricey malware removal or a computer tune-up, why not simply do it yourself?
Ensuring that a Windows computer or Mac has enough disk space in order for it to be able to operate correctly is absolutely vital, but do you know that there are various methods that you can employ to be certain that you'll never run out? Here are 5 ways of freeing up disk space on a Windows computer, followed by 5 ways of freeing up disk space on a Mac.
Google Drive is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for free cloud storage. It synchronizes perfectly with many of Google's other online services, such as Gmail and Google Sheets, as well as with many other 3rd-party services like Mailbird, Slack, and Evernote. Keep reading to learn how to use this brilliant service.
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