Globalist or Nationalist?

Our world is rapidly evolving into a globalized community, with rising levels of immigration and people living abroad from their native countries. This assessment will give you an indication of where your views sit on the nationalist-globalist spectrum - so you can find out if your loyalty lies with your home nation or the entire world. Get ready to discover - where do YOU stand?
Do you think countries should always help one another, no matter the cost?
No, a country doesn't have to help anyone it doesn't need to
No, richer countries should help, but not by harming their own economies
Yes, countries are just lines in the sand, we're all just people
Yes, because in the end we will all be stronger for it
Have you ever lived (or considered living) abroad for more than a year?
No, it has never appealed to me
No, but not for lack of trying
No, but if the opportunity came I wouldn't avoid it
Yes, and I would never do so again
Yes, and I found it very eye-opening
How important is your religion to you?
It is the core of who I am
It's very important, but is not my everything
Quite important
Not that important
I don't have a religion
Do you believe there is a 'Deep State' controlling things in your country from the shadows?
Yes, absolutely
I have no way of knowing
No, I don't
I don't know for sure but I'd say yes
How do you feel about immigration into your country?
I think it's going to be our downfall, we're letting too many people in
I think it's a problem, and not a small one
I think it's a good thing, both for us and for them
I don't really care either way
I think it can be a good thing, but only legal immigrants
What are your thoughts about the European Union?
I think it was a terrible idea, and has doomed many European countries
I think it's something most countries in the world should do
I think it was a good idea that was terribly executed
I think it's a great idea for countries to unite and for people to move freely between them
I think it's a bad idea to economically stress rich countries to support poor countries
I think it has ruined a lot of the national distinction of countries in Europe
How important is it to you that your child marries someone who comes from a similar background?
Extremely important
Not important at all
I'd actually prefer someone from a different culture
Quite important
Which of the following do you see as a bigger problem in the world today?
Technology making us more distant and impacting the environment
Corruption in the governments
Loss of conservative values and rise of liberal values
Governments becoming more right-wing
Global conspiracies that threaten us all
Capitalism and greed
Would you (or have you) move to another country for your spouse?
Any spouse of mine won't want to live abroad
Yes, if we were to build a family together
No, I wouldn't leave my country for anyone
Yes, but only to a select few countries I'd agree to live in
In a heartbeat
How many languages do you speak or understand when spoken?
Two, because of my family
Three or more
Two, because I wanted to learn another one
How would you rate your country as compared to other countries?
It's the best country in the world by quite a margin
It's definitely my favorite
It's a good country, there may be better but I prefer it
There are better countries out there
It's pretty bad, I'd rather live elsewhere
It's a terrible country and I wish I lived in a better one
How willing are you to fight in a war for your country?
Just give me a rifle and point me in the direction of the battlefield!
I don't owe my country my life, I'll be gone before the draft
If we were attacked I'd be first in line, if we're attacking I won't agree to join
I'll do my part, whatever is asked of me
I'd rather not fight in any war, no matter the cause
100% Nationalist
Your country is more than just a place for you. It is an integral part of your identity and how you see the world. You believe it is one of the best countries in the world, if not the very best. Your country is kind of parent to you, and the other citizens your brothers and sisters. You believe in preserving it as it is. You want to reduce immigration and would rather people you know and bond with are local and not of foreign origins.
50% Globalist / Nationalist
Your country is important to you, that goes without saying. It is your home and many of the people that surround you are local people. However, that's just convenience, you have absolutely no problem with people of other countries and cultures. All things being equal, you'd prefer living in your own country, but if there was a really good reason, you wouldn't have a big problem with it, although you'd miss your own country. You think of most people as just people, with the exception of certain countries that rub you the wrong way.
You tend towards Globalism
While you are not an extreme example of a nationalist or a globalist, your tendencies are more in the direction of globalism. In other words, you are not cut off from the wider world, figuring it largely in how you see life. You are hospitable to other cultures, tolerant of foreigners and may even have lived abroad if possible to you. In the end, you'd probably find yourself back home, if only to be around family and friends, and you do have roots in your country, but you don't let your national pride affect how you think about human beings.
100% Globalist
You are a complete globalist! This doesn't mean you don't like your country or are proud of it. You can be a proud patriot and still appreciate the wider world and accept that all cultures are just as valid as yours, if different. You have no problem mingling with other cultures, living abroad, or welcoming other cultures into your hearth and home. </br></br> As a globalist, you are more likely to be left-wing than right, more likely to be liberal about social reform and even economic systems, though you don't have to be. You are anti-war, and shed a tear no matter who in the world is dying. You don't consider yourself the enemy of other cultures and countries, but, even if ready to defend your country, you wish there was no more war and violence in any part of the war - have we not matured pass this point yet?
You tend towards Nationalism
While you are not an extreme example of a nationalist or a globalist, your tendencies are more in the direction of nationalism. That means that although you are not entirely happy about the idea of other cultures and countries coming to yours, you also don't usually act on these feelings, and you allow people their attempt to prove you wrong. You aren't a bigot and you don't judge people solely on their backgrounds, but that doesn't mean you agree with current immigration policies and the many illegal immigrants that find their way into your country. You may be conservative in your opinions, and wish to see the place you were born in continue to look like that place you remember. </br></br>While many countries around the world seem hospitable and nice, you don't really have any inclination to live anywhere but in your country, nor even to live for a few years. You prefer to build your life at home, and while you may enjoy visiting other cultures, you always feel relief in coming home to yours.
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