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Google Chrome - The MOST Useful Shortcuts for Your Browser

Keyboard shortcuts are immensely useful! They help users save lots of time because they let them access a variety of often-used functions directly, without having to switch between the keyboard and the mouse all the time. Knowing a shortcut or two is like having a trick up your sleeve! Although there is some overlap across apps, every app and program usually has its own unique shortcuts. If you’re using Google Chrome to browse the internet, we have a few neat shortcuts to share with you.
Google Chrome is one of the most user-friendly and widespread Web Browsers out there. Most of us use it to go online every day. Surely, knowing a few keyboard shortcuts will make your browsing experience more efficient and convenient! Below, we share 12 of the best shortcuts with you and explain what each of them does and why they’re useful.

1. Searching for text on the page

Google Chrome Shortcuts Searching for text on the page

On Windows: Ctrl + F
On Mac: ⌘ + F

There’s a reason why this Chrome shortcut is number one on our list. It’s one of the most-used functions there is, one that improves your reading and search experience online by leaps and bounds! This function allows you to search for specific words or phrases on any web page.

When you click the combination of keys suitable for your operating system (Windows or Mac), a search field will appear in the top right corner. Type the word you’re searching for, and it will appear highlighted on the page. If the word is mentioned several times, you can toggle between all the results on the page by clicking Enter to see the next result or Shift + Enter to jump to the previous result.

2. Make everything on the page bigger or smaller

Google Chrome Shortcuts Make everything on the page bigger or smaller

On Windows: Ctrl + (+ or -)
On Mac: ⌘ + (+ or -)

Sometimes, the font on a specific web page is either too big or too small, which can be quite inconvenient to read. You can make the page bigger by clicking on Ctrl and + (or ⌘ and + for Mac users), or make it smaller by clicking Ctrl and - (⌘ and - for Mac). This will not only expand the text but any other content on the page as well. You can use it to zoom in on pictures with a small font, for example. Useful, huh?

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3. Print the current page

Google Chrome Shortcuts  Print the current page

On Windows: Ctrl + P
On Mac: ⌘ + P

Do you want to print a web page but don’t feel like going through all the hassle of opening the control menu and searching for the print option? Just use this shortcut, and a menu with print options and the page preview will appear immediately. You can use it to save recipes or print pictures directly from the page!

4. Clear browsing data

Google Chrome Shortcuts Clear browsing data

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Del
On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + Delete

Even if you’re not using a public or shared computer and don’t have to worry about someone getting to your banking information and the like, clearing your browsing history is useful from time to time. Think of it as spring cleaning. With time, abundant browsing history and cookies can slow down your device and makes some sites malfunction.

Clearing the history will restore the speed to normal. The shortcut we listed above makes this process fast and painless. Just don’t forget to bookmark all the websites you’d like to keep before you do so.

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5. See and manage all bookmarks

Google Chrome Shortcuts See and manage all bookmarks

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + O
On Mac: ⌘ + Option + B

Speaking of bookmarks, the shortcut above allows you to access the entire list of bookmarks you have. In the bookmarks section, you’ll also be able to manage your bookmarks - move them to different folders to organize them or delete the ones you no longer need. By the way, here’s another bookmark-related shortcut: click Ctrl + D (or ⌘ + D for Mac) to add the current tab to your bookmarks fast and easily.

6. Go to a specific tab

Google Chrome Shortcuts Go to a specific tab

On Windows: Ctrl + Any Number
On Mac: ⌘ + Any Number

If you have several websites open at once, it may be difficult and time-consuming to move to the right tab every time. This shortcut allows you to move to a specific tab in the current Chrome window. Let’s say, you want to open the second tab from left to without using the mouse. In that case, just click Ctrl and 2 (or ⌘ and 2 for Mac), and you’ll be taken to the second tab right away. So easy and convenient!

7. Open the browsing history

Google Chrome Shortcuts Open the history

On Windows: Ctrl + H
On Mac: ⌘ + Y

Do you want to re-read an article you read a week ago, or share a web page you accessed a few days back? In both scenarios, you’ll need to open your browsing history to access the page you’re looking for. Of course, you can do it with your mouse by clicking on the three dots on the right top corner and then searching for the history menu and clicking on it.

But there’s a much quicker way to do it - just click on Ctrl and H (or ⌘ + Y for Mac) on your keyboard, and your browsing history will appear immediately. You can then scroll down and search for the page you’re looking for. You can also manage your browsing history, deleting the websites you no longer wish to keep.

8. Close the active tab right away

Google Chrome Shortcuts Close the active tab right away
On Windows: Ctrl + W
On Mac: ⌘ + W
We don’t know about you, but having to reach all the way to the little “x” on each tab to close it can be quite annoying, especially if you have a lot of open tabs and you’ll end up deleting the wrong one. Luckily, there’s a shortcut for deleting the active tab, which is the tab that’s currently being used. Just click on Ctrl and W (or ⌘ + W for Mac), and the tab will be gone.

9. Open the downloads page in a new tab

Google Chrome Shortcuts Open the downloads page in a new tab

On Windows: Ctrl + J
On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + J

Can’t find the file you just downloaded? Click Ctrl + J (or ⌘ + Shift + J), and you’ll see the entire list of the files you downloaded. This will make it easy for you to open the file. You can also click on “Show in folder” - this will help you find where you saved the file on your computer.

10. Open incognito mode

Google Chrome Shortcuts Open incognito mode

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N
On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + N

Incognito Mode is meant for the times when you want to browse privately. In this mode, Chrome will not save the web browsing history of the websites you’ve visited. It’s useful when you’re using someone else’s computer, or when you want to access the information you’d rather keep private.

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11. Open a link in a new background tab

Google Chrome Shortcuts Open a link in a new background tab

On Windows: Ctrl + Click on a link
On Mac: ⌘ + Click on a link

Here’s yet another shortcut that’s pretty indispensable when you’re online. It allows you to open a tab you’d like to read through later without interrupting your reading or browsing experience on the current page. It’s useful when you want to open a related article, but you also intend to continue reading the current article for now. This shortcut will open the related article in a new tab, so you can read it later.

12. Open the last tab you closed

Google Chrome Shortcuts Open the last tab you closed

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T
On Mac: ⌘ + Shift + T

Have you accidentally closed the wrong tab? Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us. In fact, it happens a lot, especially if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. Luckily, you can easily restore the last page you visited and closed by accident with the shortcut above. Tip: if there are several recent sites you’d like to reopen, this trick won’t help. Instead, go to the browsing history - they will be at the top of the list.

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