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Genius DIY Phone Hacks

 A smartphone is so many things: it’s a phone, a watch, a computer, a compass and map, a music player and so much more.

And what’s great is that with very little effort, you can increase the utility of this already amazing device at minimal cost and without having to buy any fancy gizmo. Here are a few incredible ideas that are so simple, you’d be amazed you haven’t thought of them yourself:
Turn an old toilet paper roll into a docking station/amplifier for your phone
Smartphone lifehacks: speaker
Simply take the roll, cut a slit into the side with a box cutter that will fit the phone (use a marker to outline the slit before cutting), decorate the roll with washi tape, and stick push pins at the bottom of the roll to serve as legs. The acoustics of the toilet roll will serve to amplify the sounds coming out of the phone. Neat, no?
Color code your earbuds
Smartphone lifehacks: earbuds
Don’t you absolutely hate it when you’re listening to a song or watching a video and something sounds off, and you can’t figure out what it is, until you finally realize you put your earbuds in wrong? No more! Use nail polish to color code your earbuds, making sure you never mix your L’s and your R’s!
Make tedious workout entertaining with a simple gadget
Smartphone lifehacks: phone holder
If you’re anything like me, you often get pretty bored while running in place on a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bicycle, and the muted TV at the gym doesn’t quite cut it in terms of entertainment. Easy solution: get a suction-held phone holder intended for cars, preferably one that allows you to place the phone horizontally, stick it on the top of the training equipment, and you’ve got yourself a personal cinema.
A fresh idea for carrying earbuds
Smartphone lifehacks: mints
Lugging around a pair of earbuds can get messy, as the cord tends to tangle around everything, including itself. That doesn’t need to be an issue. Just get an empty mint box- most are the perfect size and shape for you to roll your earbuds into.
Easy to make workout phone armband
Smartphone lifehacks: armband
Got a bereaved single sock in your drawer? Don’t throw it out just yet! Cut the toes off of it, turn it inside out and put your arm through it. Fold the lower half towards your shoulder, effectively creating a pocket. Place your phone inside with the audio socket facing upwards.
Snap a picture of your fridge before going shopping for groceries
Smartphone lifehacks: fridge
It's so easy you might wonder why you haven’t done this before. Take a picture of the contents of your fridge before you head out to the supermarket. This way, you’ll definitely know what you’re missing.
No personal TV screen on your flight? No problem!
Smartphone lifehacks: personal TV
Not all planes have a personal screen for your entertainment, and Lord knows who can even see the screen all the way at the end of the aisle. That shouldn’t mean you have to go without it. Download a film onto your phone beforehand, or use inflight WiFi, if available. Don’t want to hold your phone up all flight long? Prepare a zip bag in advance and make a small hole near the bottom for the audio cord. Put the phone horizontally at the bottom of the bag, pull down the tray a bit, and stuff the end of the bag between the tray and the seat, and seal the tray.
Use clothespins to keep cords from tangling
Smartphone lifehacks: clothespins
Simply glue two clothespins together, facing opposite directions. Put one end of the cord into one of the clothespins and wrap any excess cord around, sticking the other end of the cord into the other clothespin.
Image source: claireadelie, Briottie, from Youtube: 1, 2
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