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This Feature Will Change the Way You Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide, connecting billions of users. It offers a range of features to enhance the user experience, and one of the most anticipated features was the ability to edit sent messages.
Previously, if you made any mistake in your message, you had no choice but to live with them. But with the new 'Edit Sent Messages' feature, WhatsApp now allows users to correct their mistakes, making it a highly sought-after feature.
WhatsApp Features,
Modified messages will include the word 'edited' next to them to notify recipients of the sender's change. However, the receiver will not be informed of the history of the altered letter. Furthermore, messages can only be modified within 15 minutes of being sent.
Users can make changes to these messages using end-to-end encryption, just as they do with private calls, media, and texts.
The company has sent out a message to its user guiding them on how to edit their messages.
“You can edit any message up to 15 minutes after sending, and it’ll update for everyone in the chat. Edited messages will have the word “edited” next to the timestamp,” the company, which has more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries, said in a message to its users as well as on its website.
The Facebook-owned company has stated that if you're not using the most recent version of WhatsApp, you'll encounter the message, "This message was edited for everyone in this chat on the latest version of WhatsApp." To view edited messages, please update your app.
How to edit Whatsapp messages in Android:
  • To edit a message in Android, long touch it, then tap the 'More' option, 'Select' 'Edit,' and update your message.
  • When you're finished, click the check mark to save your changes.
How to edit Whatsapp messages on iPhone :
  • Long press the message you want to update, then tap 'Edit'.
  • Revise your message.
  • When you're through with your update, tap the checkmark.
Editing Whatsapp messages on the web and desktop:
  • Hover over the message you wish to change, then select 'Menu' and then 'Edit'.
  • Revise your message.
  • When you're through with your update, click the checkbox.

Other New Whatsapp Features

WhatsApp Features,

Record and share short video messages

WhatsApp introduced a fresh feature in July this year, which allows users to create and send short personal video messages directly within their chat conversations. These instantaneous video clips have a maximum duration of 60 seconds and are safeguarded by end-to-end encryption.
Users can seamlessly switch from text mode to video mode by tapping a single button. To initiate video recording, they just need to press and hold the key. If you prefer hands-free video recording, a simple swipe upward will lock the video recording process. Videos will automatically begin playing when accessed in chat, but the audio will remain muted unless the user taps the video.

Chat Lock

WhatsApp Features,
Image source: WhatsApp
In May, WhatsApp announced the Chat Lock feature. This is an excellent tool to protect your private conversations. By moving individual chats to a hidden folder, you can rest assured that they can only be viewed with your device password or biometric authentication. Once the chat is locked, the feature will conceal its content from appearing in the notifications as well. 
To activate this feature, you just need to follow these simple steps: tap on the name of a group or individual conversation and select the ‘Chat Lock’ option in the menu. You can view these chats by pulling down the inbox to reveal the folder and can then enter your phone’s password or biometrics to unlock the hidden chats. It's that easy!

You can now share high-definition images

Until recently, WhatsApp users were unable to share high-resolution photos due to the platform compressing images by up to 70% for easier uploading and downloading. However, on August 17, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a game-changing update: users will now be able to share HD images on WhatsApp. 
Meta made it clear that while the default option for sending images remains Standard Quality, which has a pixel resolution of 1365x2048, users can now choose to send HD-quality images if they want. Additionally, recipients can download the images in either Standard Quality or HD, which is a boon for those with poor connectivity. 
This new feature has been rolled out worldwide on Android, iOS, and the web over the last few weeks. And, in the coming weeks, an equally exciting update will allow users to send and receive HD videos. Get ready for a whole new level of image and video sharing on WhatsApp!
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