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10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

 If you love to learn new things with each passing day, then get ready to discover a gold mine full of educational tools! YouTube is home to an immense library of enlightening videos, many of which come from top universities and other academic and scientific authorities. Below, we've listed ten of the most interesting YouTube channels, all of which are brimming with free educational videos that are great for all people with a thirst for knowledge. We'd recommend bookmarking this page, so that you've always got this great source of knowledge handy.

1. Gresham College

YouTube Channels
This Central London college has been providing the general public with free lectures practically since it was founded in 1597. The good news is that you don't even need to go to Europe to benefit from these lectures, since anyone in the world can access them for free thanks to their YouTube channel. There, you'll find lectures about a huge range of subjects, including the Russian Revolution, heart transplants, and Shakespearean drama.

2. OpenLearn

YouTube Channels
Similar to Gresham College's channel, OpenLearn is the Open University's official YouTube channel. Here, you'll find bite-sized tastes of the incredible range of courses that this university has to offer. Just a selection of the topics available include law, management, nursing and world languages.

3. TED-Ed

YouTube Channels
TED has been instrumental in redefining the video lecture, thanks to its simple concepts, compelling speakers, and the tendency to fit loads of interesting information into a span of less than 15 minutes. TED-Ed takes this approach and molds the videos it creates into animations on a vast range of subjects, including how cancer spreads, what it was like to be a Roman soldier, and how binary code works.

4. Skillopedia

YouTube Channels
Skillopedia's YouTube channel focuses on helping you develop your soft skills, which can make a huge difference in how productive and satisfied with life you are. A couple of good examples include “How to Be Original and Not Fake,” “How to Avoid Someone You Don’t Want to Talk With,” and "How to Plan a Successful Vacation From Work."

5. Improvement Psychology

YouTube Channels
If you like lessons in self-improvement to be backed by science, then this is the ideal channel for you. The information and tips it provides are both easy to understand and apply, and they touch upon some deeply interesting topics, such as “How to Stop Worrying What People Think of You,” “How to Launch a Product,” and “How to Quit Your Job.”

6. Minute Physics

YouTube Channels
As you can probably figure out from its name, this channel contains plenty of videos that sum up complex physics concepts in a light-hearted way. Just a few of the things you can learn about include how a bicycle works, what you can expect to find in a black hole, and what physical laws are applied during a traffic collision.

7. Numberphile

YouTube Channels
I never knew that numbers could be so interesting until I came across this awesome YouTube channel, which contains loads of different videos that use numbers to work out many of life's most perplexing questions, such as using math to win at Monopoly, how DNA unties its own knots, and why pi is the most beautiful number ever.

8. CrashCourse

YouTube Channels
If you want to get the gist of practically any topic under the sun, then CrashCourse is the channel you need to visit. This channel is perfect for people who want to get an idea about a certain topic before deciding whether or not to pursue it further. It's also great for anyone who simply wants to gain a little bit of knowledge about a whole range of different topics.

9. School of Life

YouTube Channels
This brilliant channel is dedicated to exploring the many big questions of psychological and emotional life, many of which tackle issues relating to relationships and your own mental and emotional wellbeing. Just a few examples include how your childhood affects your entire life, how to learn to forgive, and what your wedding vows should really say.

10. BrainCraft

YouTube Channels
Diving deep into the worlds of psychology and neuroscience, host Vanessa Hill uses paper craft animation and stop-motion techniques to make interesting discoveries and strange connections about a whole host of topics, including sleep patterns, your biological clock, and even virtual reality.

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