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Why You Should Take Baby Powder to the Beach

 While most people absolutely love a trip to the beach, there are some of us who simply can't stand the way in which sand seems to get into everything you take with you, no matter what precautions you take beforehand. Luckily, there's a way to make going to the beach a lot less frustrating, and it only requires one thing. Read on to find out all about it!
Baby Powder at the beach
According to Day Tripping Mom, the only thing you need to rid yourself of sand when it's time to leave the beach is baby powder. This is because baby powder is designed in a way that removes any excess moisture from the skin, thus allowing sand to easily be brushed away.
Baby Powder at the beach
It works perfectly on your legs, feet, and even hair, and once you try it, you certainly won't want to go to the beach without it ever again! If you're not really a fan of baby powder, cornstarch is said to work just as well too and is a more natural option.
Baby Powder at the beach

So there you go - once you're ready to head off home, simply say goodbye to the beach, dust your hair and limbs with some baby powder, and watch the sand simply fall away! What's more, baby powder not only gets rid of sand but also greatly speeds up the drying process, which is especially useful for days when there's a chilly breeze!


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