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Surprising Uses of Nail Polish Remover

If you think that nail polish remover is just for preparing for a new manicure, then you are sorely mistaken. This popular beauty tool can actually be used to improve the look of your clothing, household furnishings, and even your laptop!

Below are 11 unexpected ways you can use nail polish remover to make your life easier.


1. Remove Permanent Marker from Skin

11 Surprising Uses of Nail Polish Remover

If you have an artistic kid who has a difficult time managing to keep their artwork on the page, nail polish remover is exactly what you need. A couple swipes of this solution will be enough to get rid of even the most stubborn of ink stains.

2. Clean Away Bathtub Grime

Having a hard time getting rid of that disgusting grime that is encircling the drain of your pristine white bathtub? Instead of scrubbing until your arms ache, splash some acetone on the area and wait a few minutes – the crud should easily wash away now.

3. Cure Sticky Fingers

Anyone who has used superglue before will know how difficult and painful it can be to remove it from your fingers. To solve this problem quickly, pour some nail polish remover onto the affected area and wait around 30 seconds for the solution to settle. Once absorbed, wriggle your fingers gingerly and wash away the excess remover with some soap and hot water.

4. Remove Peeling Lacquer from Brass and Copper Keepsakes

11 Surprising Uses of Nail Polish Remover

If you happen to be an antiquer, then we guarantee that you often come across old lacquer pieces that look stunning if they didn’t come with a peeling exterior. To rehabilitate these relics, simply wipe them down with a cloth that has been dipped in some nail polish remover. Wait a minute or two, then clean the item with some warm water.

5. Maintain the Color of Your White Laptop

White laptops might look sleek, but oil and dirt from the skin can leave them looking pretty dull. To combat this, apply a tiny amount of acetone to a microfiber cloth and wipe over the discolored areas. If you find that your computer now smells like nail polish remover, a bit of rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

6. Eliminate Unsightly Stains on Fine China

Just because your grandmother’s fine china plates are stained with spaghetti sauce doesn’t mean that they need to be relegated to being locked away in storage. Simply dip a damp washcloth in some diluted nail polish remover and rub the stain until it disappears.

7. Sanitize Disposable Razors

11 Surprising Uses of Nail Polish Remover

Disposable razors are convenient, but they are home to a range of nasty germs. The best way to eliminate these germs is to soak your razor in a glass of nail polish remover for a few minutes before washing it thoroughly with soap and warm water.

8. Gives New Life to Old, Clumpy Nail Polish

A decent nail polish can be costly to replace, so make sure that you get the most out of yours before throwing it away. If the paint starts to clump up, just soak the brush in some nail polish remover and wash off with some soap and warm water; this will make your next application so much smoother.

9. Cleans Marks off Tiles

If your house isn’t a “no shoes allowed zone”, then you probably have to deal with a lot of unwanted marks on your lovely tiles. To eliminate these unpleasant spots, dip your sponge or mop in a 50/50 solution of nail polish and warm water, and clean thoroughly.

10. Dissolve Oil-Based Paint Stains on Clothing

11 Surprising Uses of Nail Polish Remover

Just because you got some paint on your jeans during your last DIY project doesn’t mean that they have to go to donation bin. On fabrics that are able to handle a paint-thinner (light cotton and untreated denim is usually fine), a couple of dabs of diluted acetone should help get rid of even the most stubborn of caked-on paint stains.

11. Allow Leather Shoes to Shine Again

Scuffs can make even the most expensive of leather shoes look cheap. So, to get these marks off of your favorite pair of shoes, simply add a VERY small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton ball and wipe away. Once you have done this, treat the area with leather moisturizer.

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