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14 Creative Uses For Old Coat Hangers

Coat Hangers are useful little objects we all need to hang our favorite clothes in the closet but they tend to accumulate and sometimes even bend or break, leaving them unsuitable for their stated function. However, a bent or misshapen coat hanger does not necessarily need to be thrown in the bin - it has plenty of other potential uses! Our list runs through fourteen creative ways you can use an old coat hanger around the house and garden.
1. Unclog Drains and Toilets
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers
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If you do not have a regular snake for unclogging pipes or drains, then a coat hanger provides a great alternative. Simply bend it out so you have a straight but flexible piece of wire, then shape it so that it can reach around corners as required. It will help you remove that those annoying clumps of hair from your sinks and bathtubs!

2. Fasten the Loose End of Your Belt
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

If you have an annoying loose end which flaps about when your belt is fastened, then a coat hanger can provide you with a solution.  It will take a bit of basic DIY. Cut off a piece of the hanger with some pliers and bend it into a rectangular shape. You will need to make sure that it is sized correctly so that there is a little friction when the belt is fastened.  Jazz it up by painting it to match the belt or your favorite outfit.

3. Toast Your Marshmallows or Cook Your Sausages

Why spend your money buying skewers and other tools when an adapted coat hanger is just as effective for toasting or barbecuing small foods? Straighten out a hanger and put it with your other camping gear - it will always be useful. Just make sure you use an unpainted, metal coat hanger to make sure you don't get any unwanted toxins on your food.

4. Display Your Favorite Plates
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

Display your best crockery set by bending coat hangers into creative plate stands. Pull the hanger into a rectangular shape and knot the ends. Create a lip at the non-knotted end and a raised section in the middle of the design to support the back of the plate. You will need to adjust the angles and dimensions to match the plate you are displaying.

5. Create a Tool or Utensil Organizer
Coat Hanger Tool Holder

If you are sick of fishing through your entire toolbox to find the correct size of spanner, then why not create a rack using a coat hanger? Cut a wire hanger in half, bend the metal into a hook at one end so that it creates what looks like a large safety pin. Hang your tools from it and nail it to the wall. This can work really well with kitchen utensils too!

6. Clean Under the Furniture

The gap at the bottom of the sofa or cabinet is typically too small for you to fit your arm underneath (or a broom or vacuum for that matter) when cleaning. Moving heavy furniture can be heavy work as well, which is where an old coat hanger can help. Bend it and use it on its own to fish out specific items, or secure a duster to complete a more thorough clean of those hard-to-reach places.

7. Fix a Broken or Faulty Draw String
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

If you are having problems with the drawstring on your pajama pants, bag or top then you can fix it using a coat hanger. Cut off the top part of the hanger and form it into a circle. Make a small loop at one end and fold the drawstring into it. Feed the hanger and string through the opening of the item you are looking to fix and when the loop appears from the other end, release the string and pull out the wire.

8. Create Plant Stakes for the Garden

If you need to stabilize a growing plant or mark the rows in your garden, then use a set of hangers. You don't need to do much, just straighten the hanger out and place it in the soil or against the fence as needed.

9. Hang a Mirror
 Hang a Mirror

Coat hangers can easily be adapted into hook. Just cut the coat hanger using pliers and bend it into the shape required. For a mirror, this would typically be a series of 'u' shaped hooks with the lower part bent at a 90-degree angle, creating a small ledge to support the bottom of the mirror. Use the hooks upside down to support the top half of the mirror, just make sure you have enough hooks fixed to support the weight.

10. Make a Bubble Blower
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

Entertain the children, grandchildren or dog by adapting a coat hanger into a bubble blower. Bend the entire hanger into a circular shape and use the hook as a handle. Close the handle with some duct tape or masking tape to complete the shape. Dip it in bubble solution and you will get some huge bubbles!

11. Clean Your Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders can become very dirty inside, especially when it has been raining. Food can meld together in openings and easily block them up. A coat hanger is a great way to pull food out of those hard-to-reach areas.

12. Keep Your Packets of Chips Fresh
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

A coat hanger can easily be turned into a large clip, which you can use to keep your half-eaten packets of chips fresh and the contents crunchy. The only problem is, there really is no excuse for eating the whole bag in one sitting now you have a way of re-sealing them!

13. Store Your Disposable Razors
14 Creative Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

Rather than throw your disposable razors all over the house, use an old coat hanger to keep them organized. Cut a section of wire and bend it over a metal tube or socket. Fix a rubber band at the curved end of the hanger and then line up your razors, securing them with the other end of the rubber band.

14. Keep Your Newspapers and Magazines Off the Table

Newspapers and magazines can accumulate everywhere if you are not careful, but there is an easy solution. Decorate a coat hanger as you desire and attach it to a wall or cabinet. Drape the newspapers and magazines over the top of it. Coat hangers can hang a lot of things, not just clothes!

Sources: www.instructables.com & www.savingadvice.com


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