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These Genius New Inventions Make the World an Easier Place

There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention, and even though that is not true for every weird invention out there, most of these new inventions are certainly worthwhile. From a sunscreen application machine that takes care of the task for you to knee-activated water faucets, these innovations make the world a better and easier place to live. Take a look at our compilation of top useful new inventions from around the world that you never knew you needed in your city.

1. Aruba has an innovative sunscreen application machine that takes care of the task for you. By rotating you around and spraying sunscreen evenly, it eliminates the need for greasy hands and ensures no spots are missed.

 Useful Inventions, sunscreen application

2. The most awkward part of using public lavatories is the discomfort of having your bathroom noises audible to those around you. Luckily, in Japan, this issue is cleverly resolved by providing the option to mask those sounds with soothing music!

 Useful Inventions, public lavatory

3. In Norway, meat packages have small labels indicating the number of days remaining until the product reaches its expiry date.

 Useful Inventions,  meat packages

4. Tokyo, Japan has implemented an innovative remedy for people with pollen allergies—a convenient "air shower" system that efficiently blows away pollen particles from individuals and their garments.

 Useful Inventions, "air shower" system

5. To address the issue of slow walkers fixated on their phones, Warsaw, Poland has allocated a separate portion of the sidewalk exclusively for such people, ensuring a smoother flow for pedestrians.

 Useful Inventions, pedestrians

6. Croatia takes innovation to the next level with its benches that not only serve as comfortable seating spots but are also equipped with solar power technology for phone charging and offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

 Useful Inventions,

7. This innovative Japanese solution for preventing pizza boxes from shifting sideways is a must-have for every country!

 Useful Inventions, pizza boxes

8. In India, a prominent restaurant features a large sign that guides patrons on how to place their orders using sign language. This gives customers the convenience of placing their orders from afar and eliminating any worries about pronouncing the dishes correctly.

 Useful Inventions, restaurant

9. In Japanese supermarkets, customers have the option to select a cart color that signifies whether they desire assistance or prefer to navigate the store independently.

 Useful Inventions, Japanese supermarkets

10. In France, parking garages are equipped with convenient partitions designed to prevent unintentional damage to neighboring vehicles, such as dents or scratches, when people exit their cars.

 Useful Inventions, parking garage

11. To assist the visually impaired, a Croatian intersection has implemented a unique feature—a three-dimensional map that offers tactile information about the intersection's appearance and design.

 Useful Inventions, visually impaired

12. Umbrellas are readily available through vending machines in Hong Kong.

 Useful Inventions, vending machine

13. There are UPS delivery bikes for tight streets and alleyways in Rome, Italy.

 Useful Inventions,  United States Postal Service (UPS) delivery bikes

14. This transport vehicle in Denmark features an adjustable headrest that can be raised or lowered to the height that suits you.

 Useful Inventions, headrest

15. With knee-activated water faucets, this Italian supermarket ensures that you won't have to touch the faucet with dirty hands and then switch it off with clean hands.

 Useful Inventions, water faucet

16. Lisbon, Portugal has an open-air escalator. The world needs more of these!

 Useful Inventions, open-air escalator
All images source: Izismile
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