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Sleep Apps to Help You Sleep

 Sleeping is much harder than it used to be. In fact, there’s so much going on in the world right now that it can sleeping can feel pretty impossible sometimes. Thankfully, the technology that surrounds and distracts us also gives us a number of tools to help ease ourselves into the land of Nod. Below are 6 apps that will hopefully help you get a good night’s rest!


Apps That’ll Give You a More Wholesome Rest

Your daily night’s rest is broken up into several sleep cycles. Research has shown that repeatedly missing sleep or keeping an inconsistent sleep schedule can mess with your overall rest. The following apps will help you track your sleep cycles to ensure that you’re getting the best sleep you can.

1. Sleep Cycle
Great Sleep Apps
This app is a nice twist on your standard alarm clock. Using your microphone, it tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you’re in the lightest phases of sleep so you’re not groggy. You set a window during which to be woken (for example, between 6.30 and 7.00 a.m.), and it works out the best time to pull you out of your slumber.


2. Apple Bedtime
Great Sleep Apps
If you want more control over your wake-up time, this feature which is available as part of your already-installed Clock app, works similarly to Sleep Cycle, but lets you set an exact time to rise. You can choose which days of the week you want your alarm to go off. Decide how many hours you’d like to sleep and the app will tell you when it’s time to head off to bed.
3. Pillow
Great Sleep Apps
This is the perfect app for those who want to know everything they can about the way that they’re sleeping. Just like Sleep Cycle and Bedtime, it tracks your sleep and wakes you in a light stage of rest. However, you can also use its features to time different kinds of mid-day rests: power naps (15 minutes), recovery naps (45 minutes), and full cycle naps (120 minutes). It will also give you information about your heart rate, your REM cycles, and how long it took you to get to sleep.

Apps to Lull You into Sleep

Mindfulness and meditation have been proven to help people who struggle with insomnia. The apps below focus on meditation through various techniques, such as nature sounds, music, and voice commands. All are aimed at helping you hit the state of relaxation that is needed to go to sleep.

1. Pzizz
Great Sleep Apps
This app looks incredible; its appearance alone is very calming. As for the music, think of an incredibly soothing, movie-style soundtrack that you set to fade out after an hour or so to help you wind down before you sleep. It also has narration in both male and female voices, but if you find that kind of creepy, you can turn it off.
2. Headspace: Meditation
Great Sleep Apps
This app sets you up with different sessions depending on your aims. It will send you push notifications reminding you to meditate throughout the day. Each session only takes a couple of minutes. If you happen to be the kind of person whose mind starts to race before you hit the sack, this app is for you.
3. Calm
Great Sleep Apps
Like Headspace: Meditation, this app will calm your mind right before bed. The sessions are longer, and you can set up programs over time to ease you into Zen. This app offers ambient sounds of nature and turns your phone into a giant portrait of a scenic landscape.

Source: mashable 


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