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Try These Healthy Cream Alternatives

 Whether it's a side of Alfredo or a spoonful in your coffee, cream is a very common base for an overwhelming amount of dishes. However, adding cream to everything is far from ideal, since a single tablespoon of heavy cream contains as many as 5 grams of fat, and at least 50 calories! So, if you're trying to cut down on the amount of cream that you and your family are consuming, then why not try these healthy alternatives?
Greek Yogurt

High in protein and low in fat, Greek yogurt is another brilliant substitute for heavy cream. To achieve a similar consistency to regular cream, all you need to do is to add a bit of water. When using it for baked goods, make sure to avoid the low-fat varieties, since they tend to make the finished product denser and moister than typically desired. It's also important to use a low heat setting when cooking with Greek yogurt, since heating it up too quickly may cause it to curdle.


Eggs can be used in combination with cream as a lower-fat option. For each ¼ cup serving of cream that you use, simply add 2 egg whites or one whole egg, making sure to beat them well before adding them to your recipe. Using eggs in this way will provide your dishes with thickening properties that are similar to cream, and it works especially well when making sauces or baking desserts.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a delicious cream substitute that's perfect for vegans, as well as anyone who's got a lactose intolerance. There are quite a number of different consistencies available on the market, all of which will provide you with some essential nutrients that cream is lacking in, such as iron and vitamin C. Thanks to its naturally sweet flavor, coconut  milk is perfect for making ice cream, desserts, and even Thai curries.

Soft Tofu

As a non-dairy cream alternative, few ingredients are as versatile as tofu. Depending on the kind of tofu you get your hands on, it can be used to create quite a number of different consistencies. You can achieve a lighter cream by using soft tofu, while extra-firm tofu will provide you with a far thicker variety. You can also mix pureed tofu with heavy cream in a 1:1 ratio in order to reduce the fat content in your meals.

Other Easy Substitutions
• Mixing 2 tablespoons of corn starch with a cup of milk will help to thicken many dishes.
• Using half-and-half instead of cream in coffee will drastically reduce your daily calorie and fat intake.
• Adding half-and-half to soups and sauces is a healthy way to achieve a creamy consistency without the extra calories.


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