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Sugar Can Do a Lot More than Just Sweeten!

Besides being one of the substances we love to taste the most, sugar can help out with plenty of other things, and it's always worth having around the house. We've collected a few of these uses for you to learn about - you'll never think of sugar as just a sweetener again! 
uses for sugar
1. Calming babies:
Pediatric studies have shown that babies who have been given a solution containing one spoon of sugar and four glasses of water before being vaccinated reacted more calmly to shots than those that weren't.
Not Just Sweet: 10 Additional Uses for Sugar
2. Treating wounds:
A pinch of sugar may help heal many types of wounds, such as pressure wounds, ulcers or cuts. All you need to do is pour a little sugar on the wound and it will kill all the bacteria in the area, even relieving chronic local pain.
3. Treating a burnt tongue:
Sipping too quickly from a scalding coffee cup or biting into a steaming pizza are easy ways of burning your tongue, and that feeling isn't very pleasant. In order to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling, put a little sugar on the burnt area.
4. Body peeling:
Due to its rough texture, sugar can be used as a perfect peeling agent and offer great aid to your grooming routine. A simple scrub can be made by mixing sugar with different kinds of oil (canola, almond, jojoba or olive). You can also add essential oils to the mix, or even some vanilla abstract to enhance the scent. An addition of vitamins in the form of a banana will help, and you can mash it and combine with three spoons of sugar and one of olive oil to form the scrub.
uses for sugar
5. Cleaning dirty hands:
When your hands are very dirty (with paint or grease, for instance), you can use sugar to remove the hard stains. Add sugar to soap foam and give them a good rub. 
6. Nourishing the lips:
Mixing a little jojoba oil and olive oil with a drop of powdered sugar and  mint or vanilla extract can create a natural moisturizing cream that's both intensive and extremely efficient at nourishing your lips. Smear some of it on your lips and rub gently. 
Also, if you want your lips to look better with lipstick on, just put a nice amount of sugar on the lips and allow it to absorb for several minutes.
7. Terminating pests:
If the roots of your garden plants are full of worms, you'll probably be happy to learn that they can be killed using sugar. Bury five kilos of sugar for each 250 square meters of land, and wait patiently - the sugar will naturally kill all the worms.
Sugar can also be used to capture and kill other pests. To catch annoying flies, create a mixture of equal amounts of honey, sugar and water and boil it in a pot while stirring. Then take a square of sticky paper and create a hole at one end. After it cools, pour the mixture on the sticky side of the square and hang it on the wall with a string. The flies will go for the honey and stick to your smart trap. 
To get rid of cockroaches, put equal amounts of sugar and baking powder near their hideouts. The sugar will draw them in, while the baking powder will kill them.
Not Just Sweet: 10 Additional Uses for Sugar8. Nourishing the roots of your flowers:
To give a better look to your home flower patch, you can use three teaspoons of sugar with two tablespoons of white vinegar for each liter of water you give them. The sugar will help nourish the stems, while the vinegar will prevent bacteria from growing.
9. Cleaning grass stains:
Make a mixture of hot water and sugar and smear on clothes with grass stains. Allow it to soak into the clothes for about an hour or a slightly longer (depending on how covered it is in the stains), and then put in the laundry as usual.
10. Keeping food fresh:
If you put a cake or cookies in a sealed container and add a few sugar cubs, they will keep fresh for longer. The same goes for cheese.
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