Don't Be Fooled! These Meals Aren't Healthy At All!

Trying to diet or maintain a healthy lifestyle isn't always a walk in the park. It can be frustrating if you believe that you're eating healthily, yet aren't losing any weight, or worse, you're putting on more. This is because there are just so many dishes which appear healthy at a glance, but are actually deceptive sources of bad fat or sugar. Below, you'll find 8 of the worst offenders, along with some advice from prominent nutritional experts.
1. Fish Sandwiches
Before congratulating yourself on replacing beef with fish, consider whether your meal is being fried or grilled. "Many fried fish sandwiches have more than 700 calories and 40g fat" says Karen Ansel, M.S., who is the co-author of 'The Calendar Diet.' "What's more, because they're super-size, one contains more than a day's worth of sodium." This is why we recommend opting for grilled fish every time.
2. Vegetarian Dishes at Chinese Restaurants
Tofu and mixed vegetables generally sound like safe choices, however at Chinese restaurants these dishes are generally doused in oil, making a single portion contain over a thousand calories! If you fancy some Chinese food without a gargantuan calorie count, then look for somewhere that offers steamed vegetable dishes.
3. Baked Potatoes
Potatoes are full of vital nutrients such as potassium and vitamins C and B6, but like with many other dishes, you're far better off making your own at home. Nutritional therapist and dietician, Limor Baum, says that "in restaurants, baked potatoes are often rolled in oil, butter, or Crisco to make the skin crunchy." In addition to this, many toppings are extremely unhealthy, so Baum says that you should "ask your server to top potatoes with beans, avocado, or Greek yogurt."
4. Asian Chicken Salads
Just because a dish contains the word 'salad,' it doesn't mean that it's actually good for you. Asian chicken salads are commonly topped with peanut-based dressings and fried wonton noodles, both of which are oozing with calories.
5. Anything That's Gluten-Free
Many people who have a limited understanding of what gluten is think that completely cutting out gluten is a healthy thing to do. However, registered dietician, Laura Cipullo, warns that “if you swap out foods for their gluten-free alternatives, you may actually be depriving yourself of key nutrients while adding on more calories and fat.”
6. Omelets
Eggs are some of nature's healthiest foods, and provide your body with essential fatty acids and high-quality protein. Unfortunately though, many restaurants often use at least 3 eggs, coupled with highly fatty cheeses, making omelets a poor choice for a health-conscious individual.
7. Fruit Smoothies
If prepared correctly, a fruit smoothie can provide you with a good deal of cancer-fighting phytochemicals and healthy antioxidants. However, if you're not careful, you could end up sending your blood sugar levels through the roof, as some medium-sized smoothies often contain over 400 calories and 90g of sugar.
8. Tomato Soup
A meat-free, tomato-based soup might sound pretty harmless, but its tragic flaw lies within its sugar content. Registered dietician, Amy Shapiro, says that "tomato soups are usually loaded with sugar to balance out the tartness of the tomatoes." In addition to this, we're also told that "cream is also often a main ingredient, even if the name doesn't admit to it."
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