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Become an Ironing Expert With These Practical Tutorials

Your ironing skills make a much greater difference in the appearance of your clothes than you think! Even those who wear clothing exclusively by luxury brands will often find their clothes look cheap and untidy when not ironed or steamed. It’s true the other way around too - you can make affordable clothing look more luxurious and crisp once you banish those creases and press them well.

So, if the idea of learning to iron your clothes properly sounds as sensible and useful to you as it is to us, look no further than this comprehensive list of ironing video tutorials.



Iron a Shirt in Under Two MINUTES!

With this practical and logical method, you'll be able to smooth out all the creases of a dress shirt in mere minutes. This tutorial is perfect for when you need to get dressed for a formal event and fast!

Iron a Shirt Like a Professional

When you have more time on your hands, you can iron your shirt with more precision and detail in mind. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you to iron a shirt properly - with the perfect sleeve and back pleats, and a crisp collar. 

The BEST Tricks for Ironing All Kinds of Pants

If ironing dress pants before an important event or for work is giving you a rush of anxiety, this simple tutorial is for you! It features the best tricks that make ironing pants as easy as can be.

Here's How You Iron Pleats

Preserving those crisp and geometrical pleats on a skirt, school uniform, or dress is easier said than done. Ironing out those pleats does take a bit more care and patience, but the result is very much worth it. Learn to highlight the pleats on a garment with this useful video tutorial.

Tips for Ironing Suits, Sports Coats and Blazers

Woolen and cotton suits and blazers generally hold their shape pretty well, but you do need to refresh them from time to time. That's when you may run into the struggle of ironing out these stiff and thick fabrics. Fortunately, this video makes it easy to restore the neat shape of your suit with ease.

Get Wrinkles Out of a Satin Dress

Ladies, this one is for you! Satin is a polyester-based fabric that's pretty delicate and prone to melting. Hence, many are afraid to iron it. We're here to tell you that this can be done - just keep temperatures low and cover the garment with a protective layer of muslin or a regular pillowcase. For a detailed tutorial, consult this video.
So you're dealing with a nasty crease that doesn't seem to go away, no matter how hard you try to smooth it out. Worry not, this happens to the best of us, especially with clothes that spent a whole season in storage. Use these simple tricks to banish those pesky wrinkles from your garment.

How to Starch Jeans

Dream of getting that classic stiff look to your jeans like a cowboy? It turns out that this is quite easy to do, and all you need is some starch fabric spray, an iron, and a piece of cloth. This video is packed with tips and a step-by-step demonstration of how to starch your denim.

You CAN Iron Silk: Here's How

Silk is a delicate, expensive fabric, so it's no surprise that many people avoid ironing it. But what should you do if your silk garment is extremely wrinkled? Iron it, of course! This tutorial shows how to do so with the care and attention that this fragile fabric requires.

It's Okay to Iron a Tie in a Pinch

You'll often hear advice that it's better to steam a creased tie than iron it, as this lets you avoid that unsightly shiny streak in the middle of the tie. But not all of us own a steamer or have the several days required to straighten the tie by rolling it up. If you find yourself precisely in such a scenario, take out that iron and follow these steps.

Here's How You Iron and Fold a Fitted Sheet

Ironing fitted sheets is a challenge not for the faint of heart, that's why this tutorial appears closer to the end of this playlist. In reality, it's nothing too tough, but the abundance of fabric can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Gather all your patience and ironing skills and watch this useful video tutorial before you begin.

The Trick to Pressing a Polo Shirt

Don't you just hate how the collar of a polo shirt curls up after a wash? I sure do, and I'm ready to wield my iron like a weapon to eradicate all the pesky creases and curled collars. This video will show you the proper way of pressing a polo shirt - whether it's long-sleeved or short-sleeved.

Iron or Steamer - Which Is Best for You?

For a long time, handheld steamers spread beyond commercial applications and into the household. The question is - do steamers really outperform regular irons? This video is such a wonderful in-depth comparison of these two tools, complete with a historical trip to the origins of both devices.

Useful Beginners Tips for Steaming Clothes 

So, you're now exploring the possibility of getting a handheld steamer. How great! But before you take the plunge and purchase one, take a look at this handy video full of tips and a demonstration of how to steam various garments. It turns out that steaming clothes is much easier than we thought!

How to Banish Creases On a Raincoat

Cold and wet weather makes us all remember that we had a raincoat or trenchcoat somewhere in our wardrobe. Alas, when we pull it out of storage, it's all wrinkled and completely unwearable. If that ever happens to you, get out that handy steamer of yours and get to work. This video will show you how to iron out all those creases step by step.
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