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18 Genius Unexpected Uses of Duct Tape

As the old saying goes, if you can’t fix something with duct tape, you’re simply not using enough of it. Truly, there are a million and one ways you can use duct tape in your home, in the garden, on a camping trip, and even on yourself. Some of these uses border on ridiculous, with people fashioning kayaks, tuxedos, and other strange contraptions out of the tape. However, these strange uses of duct tape are a topic we will keep for another day, as in this article, we decided to show you how to use duct tape in 18 unexpectedly easy and useful ways.

1. Fashion a DIY Lint Roller

duct tape uses DIY Lint Roller
Image Source: Facebook
You can get rid of lint and pet hair from your clothes, furniture, and carpet quite easily, even if you don't have a lint roller at home. Simply stick some duct tape sticky side up on a paint roller, et voila - you have a DIY lint roller ready at your service. This trick is perfect for cleaning the couch from pet hair, as the paint roller is much larger than a regular lint roller and will cover a much larger surface area more quickly. 

2. Make Your Shoes Warmer

duct tape uses insoles
Here is a handy trick for those cold months. You can use duct tape to make your boots warmer. In order to do so, all you have to do is just wrap a solid layer of duct tape around the insoles of the shoes (cheap insoles available in supermarkets can be likewise used to spare the original insoles of your shoes). The plastic surface of the duct tape will help seal the heat and reflect it to the soles of your feet, and you will feel much warmer wearing these DIY insoles.

3. Open a Jar That’s Stuck

You can use this trick to open jars and bottles that are stuck and difficult to open. Simply stick a piece of duct tape on the lid, leaving a piece loose so that you can pull the jar open. Because duct tape is so adhesive, it will grip a lot better than a kitchen towel and make opening the pesky jar much easier. Click on the play button in the video above to see a step by step guide and demonstration of this technique.

4. Hide a Spare Key or Other Valuables

duct tape uses Hide a Spare Key
With the help of duct tape, you can hide away valuables, such as keys, credit cards, etc., in the most inconspicuous places. No more hiding the spare house key under the doormat - simply stick it to a piece of duct tape like in the image above and attach the key somewhere unexpected, like under the seat of the patio bench, for example.  

5. Conceal Unsightly Cables

duct tape uses cables
It's terribly annoying when cables are dangling freely behind electronic devices, not to mention - dangerous, especially for pets and small children. To secure the cables and make sure they don't get pulled on accidentally, you can attach the wires with the help of a small piece of duct tape to the wall, floor, or even furniture, making them less visible and dangerous.

6. Protect Floors From Being Scratched

duct tape uses
Hardwood floors are so fragile - any little scratch can damage the topcoat, which introduces humidity mold and endangers the integrity of your floors. Of course, you can revarnish them here and there, but too many coats of varnish and constant refurbishing aren't good for your floors either, not to mention that it's quite expensive and troublesome.
So why not learn to prevent your floor from scuffing instead? Just attach a small piece of duct tape onto the bottom of the chair's legs and you're done, simple!  

7. Patch Up a Wound Temporarily

duct tape uses wound patched up with duct tape
This scenario happens way too often: you're messing around in the shed or garden, using sharp tools, and suddenly, you get a cut on your hand or arm that starts bleeding. If you don't have a bandage or band-aid near you, simply reach for the silver roll of duct tape and seal the wound to stop the bleeding. Needless to say, this is not a permanent solution, as you do need to clean, disinfect, and dress the wound properly afterward, but in a pinch, duct tape gets the job done, too.

8. Catch Insects

duct tape uses insects

No need to purchase special sticky pads or rolls, or to buy expensive sprays laden with chemicals to get rid of the pests invading your home. All you will need is a piece of duct tape and a smidge of peanut butter. Fold the sides of a small piece of the duct tape so that you can handle it conveniently, and put a little amount of peanut butter in the middle of the tape.

Try not to disrupt the sticky surface if the tape, as this is exactly what will be trapping the bugs. Put these pieces underneath your kitchen cabinets, near the trashcan, and any other places in your home you see the pests. After just a few days, you'll find that the bugs have stuck to the tape and you'll have to throw the tape out and replace it if necessary.

You can also use the tape to trap flies - simply hang strips of tape from the ceiling and you have DIY flypaper.

9. Create a Cup

duct tape uses duct tape cup
Do you need an extra cup, but all you have available is some duct tape? Lucky you, as duct tape is just the thing you need to create a makeshift glass. To make the glass, simply wrap several tightly layered pieces of duct tape around a can, a glass, or a bottle, remove the vessel, cover the sticky side of the cup with another layer of tape so that the surface of the cup isn't sticky, and you're done. Best of all, you can even put this collapsible cup into your pocket and reuse it when necessary! 

10. Make a Clothesline in a Pinch

duct tape uses clothesline
One of the simplest and most useful contraptions you can make using duct tape is a clothesline. This will come in handy when you're camping, when you're traveling, or whenever you want. Simply connect the sides of the tape to any two facing walls (or any two tall objects, really) so that the tape is pulled taut, and your DIY clothesline is ready for use.

11. Patch Up a Tent

duct tape uses tent
Image Source: Facebook
Duct tape is a happy camper's best friend, as its multifunctionality comes very handy in a situation where you have to fit all your gear in a backpack. We already listed a few ways you can use duct tape while camping, but another way you can make use of the silver tape is by patching up a leaky tent. We typically even cover the areas with small openings with duct tape after setting up the tent to keep all the insects outside.

12. Create a Temporary Hem for Pants

duct tape uses jeans hem
Wearing pants that are too long is not very neat, that's certainly true, but it's also very uncomfortable, as you can step and even trip on the excessively long pants. Still, actually getting the pants tailored can be quite costly and can take a while. Luckily, there's also a quick solution, and it, of course, includes duct tape. Simply follow these steps:
Turn the pants inside out, put them on to see what you're doing, and roll them up evenly to the required length. Then, stick a few little pieces of duct tape on the hem, and you're done. You can machine wash these pants without worry, and they typically stay taped and hemmed for several months.

13. Banish Warts

duct tape uses finger in duct tape
Another neat trick you can do with duct tape is to get rid of warts. Simply stick a little piece of tape over the area and keep some on for at least a few weeks, regularly replacing with a fresh piece of tape. The tape will cut off any oxygen to the wart, and it will simply die off, and one day, you'll just find that the wart will peel off on its own as you remove the tape. Many people are convinced this is the best and least invasive way of getting rid of a wart, as pointed out by the American Academy of Dermatology.

14. Make an Arm Sling in an Emergency

duct tape uses arm sling
Image Source: Stuckonyou
Emergencies happen, and when they do and you have the knowledge to help someone, it's always a very pleasant feeling. If someone is suspected to have injured their arm, for example, you can use duct tape to stabilize the joint in the place of injury by wrapping the tape around the arm and then creating a makeshift sling. This should be more than enough to transport the person safely to the emergency unit. 

15. Make Shoes Slip Free

duct tape uses shoe with duct tape
Image Source: dailyforest
If you find that a pair of shoes you love is way too slippery, be it due to poor design or wear and tear, this tip is for you. Simply attach a piece of tape to the sole of the shoe, and this will instantly give it some extra grip. This will not only make the shoes more comfortable but also safer, as slippery shoes can be the cause of falls and leg injuries. 

16. Remove Glue from Surfaces

duct tape uses car stickers
Have you added a few stickers to your car window that you're starting to regret, but you still don't want to get rid of them because of the hideous glue residue they will leave behind? If that speaks to you, you need some duct tape and some window cleaner. After removing the sticker as best as you can, apply a piece of duct tape onto the surface with glue residue, be it wood, glass, or metal, and then pull.
Repeat a few times with a fresh piece of tape every time until little to no glue residue remains. The duct tape is so sticky that it typically removes the majority of the glue from surfaces, but to finish the job and give shine to the surface, wipe it down with a cloth dampened with some window cleaner as a finishing touch.

17. Remove a Splinter

duct tape uses splinter
Image Source: Eli Duke/ Flickr
The sticky surface of duct tape is so strong it is actually capable of pulling out even a very deep splinter from your skin in a matter of minutes. The procedure is as follows: first, clean and disinfect the area, then apply a piece of duct tape and wait for half an hour. After 30 minutes, pull on the tape, and as you do, the splinter will probably be pulled out in an instant. You will be able to see the splinter on the duct tape when you're done. 

18. Protect Feet From Blisters

duct tape uses blister
Image Source: YouTube
Who knew duct tape has so many medical uses? One more way you can use it is to prevent and treat a blister. Simply cover the area of concern with a few layers of duct tape before putting on your socks and shoes, and you'll be good to go, as the tape will stop your skin from rubbing against the shoe and will prevent any blisters.
If you already have a fresh blister, however, you can use the tape instead of a band-aid as well, but keep in mind that this is a short term solution, as your skin is unable to breathe under the duct tape, and it may slow down the healing process if you're not careful and keep the tape on for too long.
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