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9 Crazy Homes: These Houses Are Out of This World!

 I like to think of myself as something of an original, avoiding all the latest, boring trends, but I would never do anything like this! Just look at these weird, wild, and frankly quite insane homes that some of the most eccentric people in the world have built for themselves. Which one is your favorite?
1. Swiss Underground Home 

Who has ever had the feeling that the earth would swallow them up? Well I have, but I never envisioned this! It must be very cozy, though, to be sleeping underground, and to hear the pitter-patter of rain drops on the earth above. Having said that, it does make me think of a rather large coffin, what about you?


2. A Japanese Transparent Home 

The Japanese are very fond of their privacy - except for this family! We don't know why they did it, but they have built their not-so-humble abode entirely from glass. How would you feel if everything you were doing in your home was visible to everyone? Perhaps it would improve your behavior though: as they say, people in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.

3. A Canadian Spherical Tree House 

This is certainly a quite beautiful tree house, with a lovely staircase, in a lovely wood. But I'm not sure most people would want to live there. I suppose that's the point. Here the owner can be totally at one with nature, which definitely has a temporary appeal. But can you imagine seeing this ball for the first time? I would be so shocked, and think aliens had landed.

4. A Portuguese Stone Home 

Someone noticed two huge boulders in reasonably close proximity to each other, decided to add a roof - and then just carried on. It is certainly very handsome and a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. However, the large stone on the left concerns me a little: with that slope I keep thinking it might roll away, tearing the house open. And just imagine what creepy-crawlies must be living under such a huge boulder!

5. A Serbian River Home

Only a true bird-watcher could appreciate this superb river spot - or perhaps a fisherman. This house, built atop a rock, doesn't look like the most stable residence, but it is an admirable achievement. If I stayed there I would love to just sit out on the porch and listen to the water flow on by, perhaps while reading a nice book. That is truly a dream scene to ponder.

6. A Romanian Rock Home 

This idyllic spot in the middle of Eastern Europe seems like a great place for hunting. I can picture a hardy old man with a rifle at his side, and a mug of something strong, sitting on his step, just silent and brooding. Then when a wild beast or bird comes into his peripheral, he just leaps into action like a leopard...

7. A French Solar Home 
Resembling a sundial, this Strasbourg property is unlikely to be on the market any time soon. Although it is worth a second look, I'm not sure many people would consider buying it - apart from it's current owners of course. This house kind of looks like a cobweb, which is apt, I think, because I wonder just how they can keep the upper parts of this house spick and span. Not to mention their window cleaning bill...
8. A Swiss Mountain-Top Home 
Looking down 13,000 feet from the Solvay House would give me a tremendous shudder, especially looking at that tiny ledge. But some people really like to live their life on the edge. And what a stunning view they get for their bravery! But surely this must be a very cold place to live. I for one really dislike waking up, and being too chilly to peel the duvet off myself - which must be the case every single morning. However, that first coffee of the day must complement that view amazingly well.
9. An Icelandic Island Home 

There is only one house on the gorgeous, but lonely, Ellidaey Island. What marks out most of these curious houses is their total lack of neighboring structures. Imagine living surrounded only by ocean, wind, and water, though. You would feel perpetually lost at sea, like an unlucky pirate. However, there is something magnificent about the vast ocean that attracts everyone, and these island-dwellers certainly know all about it. 

Source: allday

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