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These Before & After Cleaning Pics Will Make You Tidy Up

Cleaning something can be a real chore at times and can feel like an arduous activity, isn't it? There are so many day-to-day objects lying around our house that are gathering dirt. They might be the simplest of things – the kitchen table, your old boots, a coffee mug or even an old dress – that haven't been cleaned for ages. We don’t notice anything different about them because our eyes are accustomed to them. However, they have accumulated years of dirt and only after you've cleaned them thoroughly will you realize how much of a difference a good scrub can make. 
Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these before and after cleaning photos of everyday things that will certainly satisfy your eyes and force you to go in a cleaning spree. 
1. Professional restoration of an airplane model.Before and After Cleaning Photo airplane model
2. One coat of polish can do wonders for a boot that has never been cleaned before.Before and After Cleaning Photo boot
3. Well water can really damage your bathtub in just inside a month. This one required four hours of scrubbing to be cleaned.Before and After Cleaning Photo bathtub
4. Even trash cans deserve to look spotlessly clean.Before and After Cleaning Photo trash can
5.  This wedding dress had acquired years of dust, grime, and yellowing. After soaking it overnight in washing powder, the results were astonishing.  Before and After Cleaning Photo wedding dress
6.​ A few hours of mopping and the kitchen looks completely different. Before and After Cleaning Photo kitchen
7. Look at the difference a Magic Eraser does to an unclean school table. Before and After Cleaning Photo school table
8.​ We don’t often realize how mucky the gas stove has become until it is scrubbed thoroughly.Before and After Cleaning Photo gas stove
9. After two years of depression, this guy finally found the strength to tidy up his room. The result is remarkable. Before and After Cleaning Photo room depression
10. A second-hand 'Mustang' looks amazing after being thoroughly washed. Before and After Cleaning Photo mustang
11. This is how an old chair looks before and after a power-wash. Before and After Cleaning Photo chair
12. This frying pot was found in the trash. After using a good number of detergents on it for cleaning, it looks as good as new.Before and After Cleaning Photo frying pot
13. An armchair that had deteriorated because of years of neglect was restored after being cleaned properly. Before and After Cleaning Photo armchair
14. This pendant was found on an island in Tripoli. A good scrubbing makes it look like a fascinating artifact. 
Before and After Cleaning Photo pendant
Images source: Acid Cow
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