Which Human Emotion Are You?

Emotions are the main component of the human experience. We may think a lot and do a lot, but feeling is the core of what we truly are. Just like emotions, people can be complicated or straightforward from one day to the next. However, this quiz will do its best to find the most appropriate emotion for you. So, let's see: Which emotion are you, anyway?
When something bad happens to someone you care about, do they come to you?
Yes, they know I'll always be there to help them
Yes, they know I can calm them down
Not usually. I'm better with good things
Yes, because they know I never forget my true friends
Yes, because they know my love is unconditional
Yes, because I will ask the right questions
How do you think people see you after they first meet you?
They think I'm a happy-go-lucky person with no care in the world
They think I'm weird, but in a nice way
They probably don't know what to make of me
They probably think I'm very positive and supportive
They probably think I'm a deep thinker who takes their time
Probably that I ask a lot of questions and show a lot of interest
Choose an animal you feel like when helping another person:
Do you have a "role" in your family?
Yes, I'm the socializer, getting everyone together
Yes, I make everyone laugh
Yes, I make sure all tasks are done
Yes, I come up with the most fun plans
Not really
Yes, I'm the realistic one
What kind of music do you enjoy when you're alone?
Sweet, sad music
Slow, romantic music
Peppy music with a good beat
Anything I can dance to
Songs that take me way back in time
If you could do one thing to improve the world, what would it be?
I would share the rich nations' wealth with the poorer countries
I would disarm all countries from serious weapons
I would make all depression and anxiety go away
I would return nature to what it used to be
I would cure all terminal diseases
I wouldn't. I'd let life take its course
Your brother is depressed. What would you do (other than more specific ways) to better their mood?
I would stay by his side and give him a rock to lean on
I would organize so many fun things he won't have time to be depressed
I'd find a way to help him out of his situation, whatever it is
I'd remind him of all the good times we've had in life and why there's hope
I'd take him on a vacation, just the two of us, to give him the change he needs
Which emotion do you wish you felt more of?
Choose a color mix that feels most like the feeling of waking up in the morning to you:
Complete the sentence: When I'm happy, I...
...seek out my favorite people to have fun with
...do my favorite things or think about old times
...do something out of the ordinary, to ease the rut a bit
...nothing at all. I have a break from everything and just enjoy it
...learn something new or read something interesting
...nobody knows, I just smile a little smile to myself
What do you think is the most rewarding age of a person's life?
Childhood years
Teen years
Young adulthood
The golden age
Surprise seems to be your middle name! It's not that you yourself are constantly surprised, it's that you are an unexpected, hard-to-calculate element in most circumstances. You're the wild card, the one who says things no one can anticipate, and do the things that surprise other people. You cannot be anticipated, and this is something that no one can copy or take away from you.
Your eyes are open and so is your mind. You question the world and the people around you because you have an interest in life and many of the things that compile it. You know that life is never done with teaching, and you really enjoy learning things you didn't know before. People love how much interest you have in them and what they have to say, an open mind is a treat to talk to.
Adoration floods your veins with a sweet song of love. It is not romantic love we're talking about, but a love for life, people and even yourself and your hobbies. You have passion burning within you, a fire that burns away distractions and petty issues and you come off as someone who loves beautifully, works hard and are passionate about the things you enjoy.
The future runs in front of you, unknown and mysterious, but the past is quite clear, and is full of golden moments that you feel define you more than anything else. These core memories you enjoy like fine wine, as well as anything that takes you back and gives you that great feeling of being back "home" - that home being your true self, the core of who you are. This bitter/sweet feeling nestles inside you like a favorite pet.
There is a clear fire burning inside your soul, a tsunami of energy and happiness that can overwhelm anyone's sad little beach. You are the sun in the room, the smile, the light and the excitement. People who are truly like you are rare and are sorely needed in every party and get-together. You may not be the best person to be sad with, but you definitely make everyone feel happier!
Out of all the emotions in this quiz, feeling serene may be the most rare and elusive emotion. In today's chaotic world, with the media blaring and politicians shouting, to feel true serenity is a gift unto itself. But what's so great about serenity is that it can help others find a rock to lean against. <br><br>Your serenity calms down others, makes them feel everything will be ok in the end and that you are a person who can be counted upon. Inside you is a deep and ancient well of calm and tranquility that you spread just by being there and being yourself. When things get hard, we all want serenity, and you're it.
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