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The New Android Version Will Have a Slew of Cool Features

Android users have been excitedly waiting for the next version of Google’s popular software. Android 11 is excepted to be released sometime later this year and while it won’t have a sweet, dessert-related name this time, users should expect a slew of cool and important features that will enhance their Android experience
Let’s take a look at everything that you can expect from the upcoming Android 11.
Android 11,

What will be its name?

When Google launched Android 10 in 2019, it also did away with the fun dessert names it had used for its software updates in the past many years (like Android 9 Pie and Android 8 Oreo). Henceforth, all the future iterations of Android will be known only by the number. Thus, Android 11 will only be called Android 11, and that’s all.

When will your phone get Android 11?

Android 11,
A public beta version of Android 11 was launched on June 10th of this year. However, the official public release of Android 11 is most likely to be announced in September for Google’s Pixel devices. If you own a phone made by Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, or any other manufacturer, you will then have to wait until Google provides an updated schedule. This schedule should come after September but the dates could vary depending on the manufacturer. 
A few phones should certainly receive the update by the end of 2020 itself. However, a majority of phones will have to wait until the first half of 2021 before getting to enjoy the benefits of Android 11. There’s also a very good chance that some of the new phones that will be released from September onwards will come with Android 11 already installed. So, if you are planning on buying a new Android phone, then it would be prudent to wait a couple of months as you may well get a pre-installed Android 11 with it.
If you want to have a more detailed understanding of when Android 11 will arrive on a specific device, then check out the info on the Android Central website.

What new features can we expect from Android 11?

Android 11, features

In 2019, the Android 10 update gave users the long-awaited dark mode and important changes to app permissions. Android 11 might not be the most revolutionary update we've ever seen, but there are still a lot of neat features to look forward to.

With its new iteration, Android has planned to focus on three specific essential themes: People, Controls, and Privacy. Let’s look at some of the best features that Android 11 will offer. 

* A built-in screen recorder.

* Chat bubbles that will enable users to keep conversations in view and accessible while multitasking.

* A handy and customizable 'Do Not Disturb' feature that will give the user the freedom to choose which apps or people can notify them when they turn the mode on.

* Voice access will now also include an on-device visual cortex that will understand screen content and context while also producing labels and access points for accessibility commands.

* One-time permission options for microphone, camera, location, and more.

* The new “conversations” section at the top of your notification shade will help you to prioritize your conversations with your most important contacts. 

* Power button shortcuts to provide access to your credit/debit cards stored in Google Pay as well as controls for Google Home devices.  

* An “auto-reset” feature that will automatically ‘reset’ or remove all of the runtime permissions associated with the app and notify the user.

* Updated Device and Media controls that will allow you to quickly get to all of your smart devices and control them in one space.

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So, clearly, there are a lot of new and exciting features that users should be excited by for Android’s next version. Bear in mind, though, that the main new features of Android 11 may evolve and change before the final software is released in fall this year.

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