WDYK About Alfred Hitchcock?

 Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (1899-1980), was a huge figure in the creation of thrillers and horror movies. During his career, he has directed a plethora of intense movies in a career spanning six decades. What do you know about this incredible director who changed the landscape of cinema forever?
Hitchcock was known for his _____ and _____ way of speaking
Slow, thoughtful
Quick, erratic
Slow, erratic
Quick, sharp
How many Oscars did Hitchcock personally win?
What honor was Alfred Hitchcock awarded in 1979?
A knighthood by the Queen of England
An academy award
A lifetime award
An Emmy award
Which of these is a movie by Alfred Hitchcock?
Rear Window
The House of Wax
The Bad Seed
Creature From the Black Lagoon
Which of these is NOT a movie by Alfred Hitchcock?
The Birds
Strangers on a Train
House on Haunted Hill
What did Alfred Hitchcock do for his movie 'Psycho'?
Bought many of the book's copies so as not to spoil it
Did not allow early screenings for journalists and critics
Forbid entry for all once the movie began screening
All answers are correct
Hitchcock began his careers in movies as a...
Scenery painter
Which of these facts about Alfred Hitchcock is NOT true?
Made a movie about the Holocaust and archived it for decades
Wrote the text for 'Film Production' in the Encyclopedia Britannica
Refused to watch his most popular movies for decades
Inserted 1-second nude photos in 5 of his most popular movies
Hitchcock was ______ in origin.
How many films did the prolific Hitchcock direct?
Which of these movies was directed by Alfred Hitchcock?
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Blob
The Thing
What nickname was given to Alfred Hitchcock?
Master of Suspense
King of Tension
The Psycho
Scion of Horror
Shall We Try Again?
You don't seem to know that much about this famous director. Perhaps you didn't watch many of his movies, or do not like his style. If you've never really tried him, though, we recommend watching Rear Window and Birds for a really good creepy time.
You Know Some Hitchcock!
You have fair knowledge about this famous Master of Suspense. He has created so many iconic movies that have changed the landscape of cinema forever. Good on you for knowing quite a bit about him. That said, there are some questions you missed. How about checking out our answers?
An Hitchcockian!
You are definitely a Hitchcock fan and it shows! You must have a refined taste in old cinema classics and an appreciation for the old masters of Hollywood. Good on you! You've really impressed us with your knowledge.
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