Time For Another Round of Trivia!

This round of trivia is not for the faint of heart or faint of mind! It's an advanced trivia test from many different fields. You'll need a well-rounded mind for this one. Are you prepared to take the challenge?
Who painted 'The Last Supper'?
Leonardo da Vinci
This author wrote "The Sound and the Fury" and "As I Lay Dying"
William Faulkner
Ernest Hemingway
George Orwell
Robert Frost
The American Revolution began in 1775 and ended in...
What is the capital of Colombia?
San Jose
Which of these animals has the strongest bite on earth?
White Shark
Saltwater Crocodile
Bengal Tiger
How many strings does a normal violin have?
Which galaxy is not only the closest to the Milky Way, but will collide with our galaxy some time in the future?
Andromeda Galaxy
Whirlpool Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy
Cartwheel Galaxy
What does "Dim Sum" mean in English?
Touch the heart lightly
Simple Food
Food For Your Mouth
Half hungry
This Asian country has 4 official languages: Pashtu, Dari, Uzbek and Turkmen. The national sport is Buzkashi, which requires you to place a goat carcass in a goal. Name the country.
What is the house number in which fictional character Sherlock Holmes lives?
312 Weaver Street
221B Baker Street
112 Bakers Street
313A Baker Street
These organs are encased in a sac called the "Pleura". What are they?
Liver and Bladder
Who was the Prime Minister of England when WW2 Began?
Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Anthony Eden
Stanly Baldwin
Not Your Day...
We may have caught you on some of your weak points. Perhaps it's not your day or you're not focused. In any case, we recommend you try again for a better score before you check your answers. If not, click on 'show mistakes' to learn for next time!
You've Got Some Facts Up Your Sleeve!
You are far from ignorant, that seems to be sure. You've got some information about many things, and you're probably always learning new things every day. In a world full of information, it's hard to know what questions life will throw at you, but you did pretty well for yourself!
You're So Knowledgeable!
You have scores and scores of books of facts in your head, don't you? There can be no other reason you scored so high! All joking aside, you seem to be a very knowledgeable person with an intellectual curiosity about many different things. It's wonderful to have such an open mind for knowledge, congratulations on your high scores!
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