Which Century Should You Have Been Born In?

Is this the right time for you to have been born? Do you find yourself wishing sometimes you had been born in a different era or century? Well, to answer that question for you, we've devised this personality test that will analyze your answers and let you know - Which century should you have been born in?
What is your idea of a perfect place?
Warm and quiet, like a lonely beach
Green, windy and cool - like the hills of Scotland
Anywhere with flowing water, like a large river or the ocean
A green forest, away from human civilization
A beautiful little town, with gorgeous little shops and perfectly kept parks to lounge in
A big, clean city with endless sights and a plethora of culture
What kind of food do you like most?
Fish and cold meats
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Freshly baked bread
Sweet berries
Meat, meat and meat!
None of these, I like more complex tastes
Which ideal do you find most attractive?
Dominion of man over nature
Honor in life and in death
Faith and worship
Being a good citizen of society
It's your birthday today (Happy Birthday!), which gift would you rather get?
The latest gadget
Something expensive, maybe jewelry
I don't care, as long as it's practical
What do you think about governments and rules?
I think they are a necessary and important thing if we want to live in a good society
I think they are chains we've put on ourselves
I think they are too limiting of personal freedoms and should be made weaker
I think we should only allow the smartest people who have a lifetime of experience to sit in the governing body
What kind of lodgings do you like the most?
Anything that's simple, comfortable, fuss-free, and on the ground floor
A beautiful house with art on the walls, I don't care about the comfort that much
A stylish apartment, as high up as possible
A beach house, I don't care what it's like I'll sleep on the sand
A warm cabin in the cold woods
What's your favorite kind of sports or exercise?
Walking for a long time
Going to the gym or taking a spin class
Running, jumping - any kind of athletic sport
Any kind of adversarial sport, like basketball or boxing
How do you feel about technology?
It depends which kind. I like mechanics like cars but hate digital technology
I hate all kinds of technology. I love being in an all natural environment
I do OK with most technology, as long as it's not too complicated
I LOVE technology. I only wish it was more advanced already
I love making things with my own hands, but anything beyond DIY makes me uneasy. I like to understand how something was made
Which of these freedoms is most important to you?
Freedom of Movement: Going wherever I want to go
Freedom of Protest: To be given a voice against government
Freedom of Love: To love whomever I wish
Freedom of Education: Everyone should have the same level of education
I can't choose. Living without any of these things is impossible for me
Are you seen as tough by those who know you?
Yes because I can work hard for hours without being bored.
Yes because I can go without sleep and I can withstand extreme temperatures better than most people.
Yes because I have enormous stamina and energy.
No, I'm not seen as tough at all. In fact, many of my friends and family are tougher than me.
Maybe a little bit, but no more than most people.
You're Right Where You Should Be
According to your answers, you're already at the perfect place for you - the 21st century. This is a place between the dominion of technology and the dominion of man. A place where nature is still threatening yet has also been tamed. We are the middle children of history, between primitive and utter civilization. There are still wild people in the world, still tribes in distant lands. Yet, most of the world is modern, technological, and quick to change. This is where you thrive, in the in-between. You have the freedoms you want, enough technology to make life pleasant, but without the hardships of the past.
23rd Century
Living in the past? What a funny notion! For you, this IS the past, and the world is STILL not as modern nor as civilized as you'd like it to be. Technology, while impressive, is still not even close to what you really want it to be. In your mind, death should be abolished, people should be young forever, we should be able to fly, teleport, conquer space and conquer ourselves. For you, technology has never gone far enough, and you can't wait to live in more advanced times. 21st century? You'd be much more comfortable in the 23rd or later.
18th Century
You long for a more simple time when family was family, men and women had their traditional roles, and society was more religious and conservative. Also, they were not so dependent on constant technology to improve their lives. They made things, they innovated and created during the industrial revolution, but they did not LIVE the technology, it wasn't in the way. You find the world is too interconnected these days, too filled with nonsense. You'd love a return to more book reading, more poetry reading and coffee shops and parks, and less fast cars and movies, games, and phones. You feel that life made more sense then, society was more structured and technology was kept in its proper place - out of the way of human beings.
No Century: Prehistorical Times
For you, the most important word is freedom. Freedom not only to do as you please when you please it or walk wherever you choose - but also freedom from society and freedom from human culture and all its many rules and obligations. You long for a return to an all-natural way of life, surrounded by trees instead of walls, with clouds above instead of ceilings and soft ground instead of hard concrete. The world is so beautiful, do we need all these things we've built to keep it at arm's length? For you, a prehistorical existence (minus the short life span perhaps) would be ideal. You can do as you like, eat when you like. There are very few rules, if any, and you are surrounded by nature. You are more than an animal but not so much more that you cannot enjoy simple animal pleasures: your physical body, the purest of simple delights. Does one really need more?
1st Century: Biblical and Roman Times
You long for a much simpler existence, but you don't want to be alone. While others may prefer to go back in time to live alone and away from civilization, you'd look for something else. You'd be much happier as part of a more pure society, where you can be an important citizen and take a hand in governing. For you, a place like Ancient Rome would have been perfect. It is a period of strong faith, strong culture, and interesting ideas. The stage was open for philosophers, mathematicians, scientists (also known as philosophers at the time), artists, and writers. It is a century hungry for culture and enlightenment, while still small enough for a person to be able to make a difference. You would wow them with your ideas, still new at that time, and take your place in a grand republic that would bring light to the primitive world.
15th Century: Renaissance Times
You are tired of modern life and technology. It's not that you hate other people or human culture, it's just that you get tired of the shallowness of modern living at times, of the obsession with technology, and the lack of respect for good culture. For you, the 15th century would have been a paradise of culture and progress, mixed with beautiful traditions you find alluring. The Renaissance period would be perfect for you. Technology plays no role in human life, other than in larger areas like agriculture. If you are a person of faith, you would find so much more depth in the study of religion in the population and enjoy a more religious life. You would go to plays in the evenings by walking or a carriage ride. You would sit and listen to people play their musical instruments while a small boy sings in a pure high voice. You would debate matters of government still new to the world. In short, it would be a return to a time without modern worries, filled with budding cultural influences and discovery.
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