What Kind of Future Do You Fear the Most?

Even those of us who are optimistic have their worries about the future. We all try to make the world a bit better according to what we believe in and to prevent it from going the wrong way. What possible future has you most worried, what kind of future do you wish you could prevent? Answer this personality test and we'll tell you!
What kind of movies do you enjoy?
Sci Fi is my favorite
I like something with action and violence
I like stories about faith
I like movies that have a happy ending
I like a bit of everything
I like murder mysteries
I like historical dramas
What do you think the biggest human flaw is?
We don't learn from our own history
Individualism - everyone only cares for themselves
Our fear of ourselves
Human Hubris
What is your preferred economic / political system?
I wish for everyone to go back to a simpler time
What do you think is likely to happen in the near future?
People may get too addicted to technology and abandon real life
We may all die from our own weapons of mass destruction
A dystopian regime may form for all humans
Organizations may get stronger than governments and rule the world
Social media will make everyone fight until there's a global civil war
Which of these problems CANNOT be solved, in your opinion?
Human Greed
Human Sin
Climate Change
The progression of technology
Political Corruption
What is more important in your eyes, science or faith?
Both are equally important to me
I think both are bad for humanity
How do you view technology?
I think we should never have let it gone as far as it has.
I love technology.
I don't mind technology but I fear it should have more oversight.
I like technology but I feel like some people are losing their humanity to it.
I'm ok with technology but I feel like the government may use it against us.
What do you think makes a person truly human?
It requires many things - a body, a brain, memories and thoughts and feelings
Our soul
Our brains are what makes us human
Our culture and knowledge make us human
Civilized behavior and kindness makes one a human
If you could jump to any point in time, past or future - to what period would you go?
Biblical times
A few decades ago, when things were saner
A few decades forward - hopefully things will be more peaceful and kind
A few hundred years forward - hopefully humans will be better
A few thousand years forward - I want to experience a whole new world
I would stay right where I am, thank you very much!
What is the best thing that could happen to the world right now?
World peace - No more wars
An abandonment of certain technologies and return to simpler times
Actual law and order in the streets
A massive return to faith
An unveiling of the truly corrupt organizations in the world
An abandonment of capitalism for another economic system
If you could teach your child just one thing - what would it be?
How to defend themselves
How to make money
How to worship
How to program computers
How to be open minded
Not to rely on technology
Big brother, 1984 Style dystopia
You are being watched. Your friends and family are being watched. EVERYONE is being watched. We're not that far from that future now, a future where, much like the book '1984', has a controlling government that watches everything you do, looking for signs of disloyalty to the regime and daring you to protest or even disagree with its declarations. Patriotism is as a given as Nazi Germany, and the penalties as harsh. Everyone is afraid, and no one feels safe. The secret police make people disappear at night upon the slightest suspicion of misconduct or disloyalty. No one is allowed any other ideologies other than that of the state.
Super Capitalist Future
In the future, everyone is out for themselves. You are only as good as the money you make for the mega-corporations that control the world. The governments have all collapsed, surrendering to the much richer and more powerful capitalist corporations. A caste system is enacted, so people who make more money are on a higher social level than those who make less. Everyone works 10+ hour workdays because to lose your job is to lose everything. Life is a long rat race, and everyone is jostling and fighting to get that extra cash and lord it over others. Everything is for sale, including human life, and there is only a justice system for the poor, while the rich can do whatever they want.
Dystopic Theocracy
If you've watched The Handmaid's Tale, you may have a good idea of the kind of future we're talking about here. The government and corporate power fall to the much richer and more powerful institutes of faith after some crisis of the spirit takes place or a charismatic new religion comes to power. As a result, strict religious law is enacted. Men and women are controlled and cannot marry, have children, or gain employment without the church's express approval. There is no higher authority, and all justice is debated in religious court according to biblical law. There is no room for any difference of opinions or worshiping a different religion, and there is no tolerance for people who are different or do not follow the laws of the faith.
Post Apocalyptic Anarchy
The world finally collapses, and all the governments lose control. Maybe there was an atomic missile strike, a global virus 100 times more powerful than Corona, an asteroid strike, or any other global disaster. What is left are people who will never trust other humans again. Violence reigns as everyone fights everyone else for the precious few resources left in the world. People kill for food, for water, or just out of panic. The world becomes an incredibly dangerous place, full of desperate people all wanting to survive no matter what the cost to their humanity. All semblance of civilization is shirked aside like a paper mask and humanity is torn into a million little groups of families or tribes, all fighting each other for what's left.
Slaves to Machines
Technology gets faster and faster. One day we're using VR goggles; the next, we're using a fully sensory world, just as real to our senses as real life. A few years later, half the people are addicted to a virtual world. But it doesn't stop there, as we also build better and better robots. While some throw up their hands in warning, scientists and corporations continue their stampede towards more and more exotic technology, never stopping to think what might be risked along the way. Sooner rather than later, you have a species that is lazy, addicted to technology, spends most of its time playing games, and slowly losing its humanity. This makes it incredibly easy for our machines to take over eventually. We may even want them to, feeling it's better to be controlled by a machine that lets you play all day and lose yourself in a VR dream than actually working in the real world.
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