Which Historical Era Would Suit You Best?

The modern era has much going for it. However, we have lost some things along the way, and some of us ask ourselves: "Was I born in the wrong era?". Well, in this test, we'll tell you what era we think would be a welcome place to live (at least for a while). So answer our questions and we'll tell you - Which era should you live in?
What would be a good profession for you, in another life?
Nature Guide
Venture Capitalist
How important is money to you?
Not at all.
It's important so I can buy what I want.
It's important because it increases the quality of life.
It's important, which is why I've tried to make more of it.
Choose a drink
Who do you spend the most time with?
My family
My friends
My co-workers
Which of these activities would you HATE the most?
Camping for a week
Working at a factory for a week
Doing absolutely nothing for a week
Be a soldier for a week
Doing farm chores for a week
Where are you most likely to live?
In a small town
In the country
City center
Which of these is your bigger fear?
Being taken advantage of
Being poor
Being killed
Living a boring life
Living an immoral life
What MUST your living space have?
Art on the walls
Comfortable bed and furniture
Small space inside, large space outside
Very little, just a roof and a way to keep it heated
Choose the tool you think is most important.
What would you do with a pile of rocks?
I'd built a house
I would make a fire pit
I would make a garden path
Etch my name into one and leave it
How do you feel about animals?
I think they are adorable and vulnerable
Some scare me so I'd rather not be near them
I think some are majestic and powerful, and I respect them
I think they are mysterious and mystical
I think they are our charge to take care of
Which modern day device would you have a hard time living without?
Air Conditioning
Soft bed
According to your results, the wild times of the prehistoric era might be just right for you! Before you say 'No way!', hear us out. You are very resourceful and can survive and even thrive in all sorts of physical and economic conditions. You like to be left alone and do your own thing. You don't care about technology, only using it when necessary, and are more of a survivalist. You like your food fresh and organic and you have a lot of energy, but you use it when you need it for something big, preferring to rest the rest of the time. That is why the life of a cave dweller might be right for you. <br><br>It's a hard life physically, but easy mentally. You go out and hunt, gather food and water, and there is no one to tell you what to do and when. Your only real concern is survival and being comfortable in your cave. That may mean finding a lot of leaves...
Middle Ages
According to your answers, you'd enjoy your time in the Middle Ages. You don't put much stock into education and the arts, and often feel that it is better to let others make decisions for you and others in your group, than to make them yourself. You are very tough and can easily put up with a lot of hardship; you know that it's important to keep the faith during bad times. You are deeply spiritual and fear the things science doesn't know yet. <br><br>The world feels ancient and full of mysteries and secrets. You love your family and they are the most important thing to you and the people you spend most of your time with. You'd like nothing more than a simple, trouble-free life. The Middle Ages will bring out the spark of a survivalist in you, together with your spirituality, and allow you to act the way you feel inside.
According to your answers, you would enjoy yourself during the Renaissance period. You are very into the arts, whether it be literature, music, or dance, and highly value education. You are very liberal in thought as well as in action, and are very free thinking politically, as well as socially. You have a thirst for learning and would stay up all night talking philosophy with anyone that would listen. You love beauty in all its myriad forms, and would like to surround yourself with it. You enjoy nature but prefer social occasions. <br><br>All these and more are part of the Renaissance period, a time for the appreciation of beauty, art, philosophy, theology and many new ideas. This, with some important comforts available by that time, like a soft bed, will make sure you probably have a good time!
Modern Age
According to your answers, you wouldn't want to live in any other era. The modern era is where you want to be. You like technology and creature comforts, you love your phone, the internet and the way you can always contact whoever you want whenever you want. Information, fast travel, going overseas and entertainment - all these are things you wouldn't want to be without. You may enjoy big cities and the entertainment and dining opportunities they provide. You enjoy visiting other countries and going home. <br><br> In addition, the modern age allows you more freedom in picking your role in life, more than any other era (other than the prehistorical one), you are allowed to move in the social ladder however you want (as long as you earn some money along the way). This was not possible in any other time, since nobility and ancestry were usually most important to determine what you will be.
Biblical Times
According to your answers, you would do well during Biblical times. You are a person with a deep spirituality, who would like to enact upon it and be surrounded by like-minded people. You are patriotic, tribal, and prefer the most people with similar-held beliefs. Your family is the most important thing in your life, along with your faith, and these are the people you see all the time. You are handy, can handle many hardships, and prefer to work for yourself as much as possible. <br><br>You enjoy independence in the home, but enjoy the feeling of support and community when outside the home. You feel best in groups and in shared merriment. You enjoy the good things in life when you can but these take a back seat to your family, faith and country (or tribe). These and more fit in nicely in the Biblical period.
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