This Test Will Help You Realise What Your Greatest Talent is...

Einstein once said, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will always fail. What he meant was that we all have different abilities. Some of us are simply geniuses when it comes to making new friends. Some are great thinkers. Others can create stories and art seemingly out of thin air, while others know how to get the job done. Which of these talents lies within you?
tree in 4 seasons
What is your favorite season?
A glass at the beach
flowers purple
orange leaves
snow covered trees
Man in suit
Choose the person you appreciate the most:
Steve jobs with cellphone
Matthew Yohe
Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg
Elaine Chan
Mark Zuckerberg
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi
Flowery field
Choose the flower you think most beautiful:
Yellow flower
purple flower
red flower
white flower
Pondering woman
Choose your favorite atmosphere:
women celebrating
A party with friends
woman in front of forest falls
Alone in nature
woman sitting and sipping
David Shankbone
Home alone
social gathering at home
Home with friends
woman and suitcase
Choose your favorite attraction to travel to:
hanging bridge in rain forest
The Amazon rain forest
Northern lights
Northern Lights, Greenland
The vinyards of Toscana
palm trees and ocean
Beach at Caribbean Islands
colorful pencils
Choose your favorite color:
skin tone
women jumping on the beach
Choose your preferred activity:
woman dancing in a field
woman meditating
football play kicking ball
Playing Sports
silhouette of woman running
Smiling woman
Choose the word that describes you best:
dog and cat
Choose the animal you connect with the most:
What's the first thing you think about each morning?
The things I need to do today
The people I'll see today
The cup of tea or coffee I'm going to make
How much I'd like to stay in bed
You Have a Creative Talent
creative man
There is a whole world of imagination and ideas living inside you. Let it out and bring joy and shine to the people around you. You have what it takes to find creative solutions, make up stories and enliven any conversation!
You Have a Practical Talent
fixing together
When something needs to really get done and not just talked about, you're the person to call. You know how to prioritize, how to plan, and most of all - how to execute. Without people like you, nothing would ever get done!
You Are Intellectually Gifted
girl reading book in book store
Your mind is a wonderland of thoughts and philosophies. The world is reflected within your mind and when people find that out, they love having real talks with you about pretty much anything. Share your interesting opinions with others and continue to learn and grow your mind.
You Are Socially Gifted
older men talking
When it comes to having a get-together, you're always one of the first to be invited. Why? Because you make people feel comfortable with themselves around you. You know how to be social with new people, to get some people out of their shell, and most importantly - how to have fun as a group!
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