Choose Art to Discover Your Artistic Self

When it comes to art, there is no wrong answer. What attracts us is beyond logic. Art speaks to us in many tongues: in beauty, in meaning, in color and form. Art exists outside us, inside us and everywhere in our imaginations. For this quiz, we ask you to choose the paintings that most speak to you IN THE MOMENT. Make your choices honest, and we will tell you about your artistic spirit.
Pick a painting of a woman.
Pick a painting of a man.
Pick a painting of a horse.
Choose a painting of a lion.
Choose a painting of the ocean.
Pick a painting of a city.
Pick a painting of a forest.
Pick a romantic painting.
Pick a spiritual painting.
Pick a family painting
Pick a self-portrait. (Pick by art, not by how much they resemble you)
Personally Artistic
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That adage is very true for you. Beauty, for you, can come from traditional sources or modern ones. Your taste in art seems to flow and change between styles, focusing on things that have a personal connection to you, your past, dreams, imagination, and most inner self. <br><br> When honed to a specific note, your sense of beauty can be most assuredly tracked back to your inner subconscious. Each of the images you picked in the quiz points to a strong preference, not for outer or inner beauty, but for beauty with a personal meaning.
Art Comes From the Outside
Your sense of beauty comes from the form, from the material plane, and from the outside. The natural world, the magnificent beauty of animals or the ever-changing face of humanity and its works - all these penetrate your outer walls and work their way from outside in. In other words, the external world opens its arms to you, and you accept the art inherent in nature into yourself. <br><br> People like you are enhanced by the beauty that surrounds them. They can feel the artistry, meaning, and beauty of the outside absorbed into their minds, enhancing their imagination, dreams, and appreciation of art.
Art Comes From Within
For you, art has always existed. You were born with it long before you learned to appreciate your first painting or piece of music. Art, for you, is something to bring outside from within. When you see art, it makes you want to take it and change it, make it your own. Sometimes you feel like creating your own art inspired by the art you see in the outside world. <br><br> Yours is the artist's look, the look that takes in the true beauty of an image but strives to process it, make it personal, and change it to enhance it with your own inner sense of what is beautiful and artistic. We call upon you to create and keep creating, for there must be some creative outlet for you to pursue.
Beauty is a Matter of Imagination
You find regular art, even if beautiful, less so if it doesn't use imagination to create something TRULY fantastic. You bemoan the pedestrian; you dislike the mundane. Yours is the artistic sense of the spiritual, of the sublime. Your dreams are full of color and imagination, fantasy and epic adventures. You strive for more imagination instead of less, less reality instead of more. You will always look for that extra touch of magic when you choose your favorite art, a touch of magic you wish existed in THIS reality.
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