What Style of Art is Your Psyche?

Art is a much broader concept than most people think, one that does not just refer to a type of paintings, musical works or sculptures. True art is in fact an attitude towards reality and life, and it is expressed in worldview and behavior - not just in different works. This is why the psyche of each and every one of us can be defined with the help of a different art style, which connects with our deepest character traits. Today you will discover the style of art that defines your psyche, with the help of the 12 questions in the next personality test that we have prepared for you.
Jan Lievens
What name would you give this painting?
Conserving Time
Hungry for Knowledge
Reality Check
Remnants of the past
Do you think this painting can be seen as a work of art?
Depends on who made it
Depends on its context
Does this image move when you look at it?
Yes, but only a little
Some artists deliberately leave thought bubbles or text "empty" in their works. Is this something you would change if this piece were YOUR painting?
Yes, there should be some text inside
Yes, the bubble itself should be removed
Yes, I'd change the white color to another
No, it should remain as is
When would you like to live?
In the past
In the future
Which of the following paintings would you hang in your home?
Do you think this painting is suitable for display in a museum?
Depends on which museum
What do you think one can see in this painting?
Anger, sadness and other emotions
A type of helicopter or flying vehicle
A bug or a monster
A face
What do you think is an artist's best tool?
Their inner world and memories
Their environment
Their culture
Their imagination
Jonny Wikins
How often do you feel as if other people don't understand you?
Almost never
From time to time
What is the first color you noticed in this image?
I didn't notice one in particular
What is the best way to comfort you in times of distress?
A hug and a shoulder to cry on
Time alone to process
Positive activities like meeting friends and family
A new challenge to distract me
The style of art that defines your psyche is expressionism, a style born in the early 20th century that puts the creator himself and his inner worldview at the center. You have a warm character and a lot of generosity in your heart, especially towards your family and towards the people who have won your trust. You have a tendency to try to please your whole environment so that everyone will be happy with you, even though deep down it is clear to you that it's impossible. Your life is a struggle not only because of this conflict, but also because your mood is sensitive and sometimes it is difficult for you to be focused on something because of an internal storm that doesn't allow you to reach your desired goal. Cold facts and logic don't matter as much in your opinion as gut feeling and strong emotions, which are often the driving force in your life.
The art style that defines your psyche is realism, a style that emerged during the 19th century and focuses on presenting life and reality as they are, without enhancements. This means that you are always interested in knowing how the world really works, what people think and why certain things happened. You have a certain affinity for advanced technology or other field of knowledge that few understand as well as you do, and you also have a great commitment to your commitments - at home, at work or in any other environment. Despite this, you also have well-developed social skills and the ability to talk to people in a logical and considered way that many value. In such conversations, your problem-solving abilities and support are manifested, and it seems that your friends often turn to you for advice or simply as a supportive shoulder.
Pop Art
Rael Garcia Arnes
The art style that defines your psyche is pop art, a style born in the second half of the 20th century as a result of artists who drew inspiration from popular culture and examined how different factors in it affect each other and our lives in general. This means that you have a rebellious nature, which does not make use of the routine thinking and visual frameworks that the rest of the world has. Your brain sometimes works at tremendous speed, jumping from facts to conclusions and from a raw idea to a detailed vision, but only if it is a project that truly excites you. Just like various pop art pieces, there is something inside your mind that challenges conventions and strives to break boundaries in certain areas, especially those that are dear to your heart.
Street Art
The style of art that defines your psyche is modern street art, born within the great cities of the modern era. This art challenges the traditional conception of what is beautiful, aesthetic and considered "artistic", and also communicates with the observer about social and contemporary issues. This means that you have a personality that is attracted to innovation, improvisation and things that push the boundaries of tradition and the familiar. Your life is not boring for a moment and routine does bad things to your psyche, so any opportunity to have an adventure or a new experience will probably fascinate you greatly. You have great mental openness to accepting the other and the different, as well as to experiences and falls that can cause others severe depression, but it is clear to you that they are an integral part of life.
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