Can You Answer This 20th Century History Quiz?

There's history and then there's the 20th century part of history - a century so packed with world shattering events that the world looked completely different when it ended. How well do you know those decades you may have yourself been through? Do you know the 20th century well enough to pass this history quiz?
In 1901, the first Nobel Prize was awarded, funded forever by Chemist Alfred Nobel. How did he make his fortune?
By inventing Dynamite and other explosives
By owning half of Sweden's highways
From casinos
By inventing the elevator
What was the name of the huge airship that exploded in 1937 while attempting to land in New Jeresy?
The Hindenburg
The Titanic
Fat Man
What decade is considered the decade of the Disco?
The 70's
The 80's
The 60's
The 20's
The terrible Spanish Flu killed millions. What years were the Spanish Flu years?
What was the Sesame Street doll EVERYONE had to buy in the 90's?
Beanie Babies
True or False: The fall of the Berlin wall was organized and planned by the German government.
True, they cancelled the travel ban and then sent people to knock down the wall
False, it was a spontaneous effort by regular people on both sides
What was 'Black Thursday'?
The day Germany attacked Poland, starting WW2, 1939
The day the American stock market crashed, 1929
It was another name for D-Day, when the allies invaded Europe, 1944
The day Saigon fell during the Vietnam War, 1975
What was the famous mobster Al Capone put in prison for eventually?
Conspiracy to commit a crime
Tax Evasion
In 1948, Mahatama Gandhi, the famous Indian political activist, died. What was the cause of death?
He was assassinated
Heart Attack
He was killed in an car accident
What decade saw color televisions coming into the market?
The 60's
The 70's
The 40's
The 50's
The Munich Massacre was an attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Who killed whom?
Palestinian terrorists killed Israeli athletes
Turkish terrorists killed Greek athletes
Irish terrorists killed English athletes
Bosnian terrorists killed Russian athletes
The Russian revolution of 1917 saw what happen?
The overthrowing of the Tsars and the beginning of the Communist era
The overthrowing of the Emperor and the beginning of the Tsar regime
The killing of Trotsky by Stalin, who took power that year
The death of Stalin and the end of the Communist era
You Need to Catch Up!
The 20th century is, undoubtedly, a very long and convoluted chain of events. We can't completely blame you for not knowing all these different little details and events. However, it is important we know these events, so we are not doomed to repeat them. It's time to catch up on your 20th century history methinks!
Well Done!
Well done! Not many bother to recall details about the century that changed the whole world, but you probably know that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. You have a good knowledge of this incredible century, but still had some mistakes. Why not click on show answers and learn from them?
You ACED It!
Wow, we have zero notes. You have a terrific knowledge of 20th century history, events and notable people - you make us proud! Good for you, and please teach others about the important things that happened during this epic century.
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