True or False? Test Your Knowledge!

Today we'd like to post some True or False questions to you, touching on an assortment of subjects. For those of you who think this will be easier than a regular test - you may be surprised...
For a decade, red M&Ms were not allowed to be made
Germans are the biggest beer drinkers in the world
According to physicists, the universe is slowly getting smaller
When you put an orange in the oven, it explodes
That's true!
No way!
Pirates wore eye patches so they could see better below deck
Peanuts are NOT nuts!
Broccoli has more protein than a steak does...
Totally True!
That's a filthy lie!
Miss Piggy and Yoda were dubbed by the same person
They say lightning doesn't hit the same place twice...
They're wrong
They're right
Electrons move faster than the speed of light
One can live up to a week without water...
Nope, only about 3 days
Yes, even up to 10 days
Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable were known lovers
Never happened
Yes, it was quite the romance
You had a 50% chance of answering at least half right but it seems your efforts landed you south of that. Why not try again, since you don't know yet which you got wrong? Alternatively, if you wish to, have a look at the full answers and mistakes.
Not Bad!
You did pretty well for yourself, and while you may have been guessing, your score is a bit too good for that, so we'll venture a guess that you had some educated guesses. If you want to get that perfect score, however, we'd recommend trying again before checking the answers.
You weren't guessing at all, were you? It's clear you already knew the answers and indeed we take our hat off at your knowledge. Good job on beating our True or False quiz, you ACED it!
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