Can You Answer These Tricky Questions?

How many bits of information do you keep in that brain of yours? How many facts, anecdotes, memories and learnings have you absorbed during your lifetime? Let's put your knowledge to the test with these fun yet challenging general knowledge trivia test!
Captain Matthew Webb
Thomas William Burgess
Louis Blériot
July 4, 1676
July 4, 1776
July 4, 1876
Which country did he rule?
Mark Twain
Elton John
Harry Houdini
Intelligent Message Filter
International Myeloma Foundation
International Monetary Fund
Dr. No
Casino Royale
Diamonds Are Forever
Who was he?
Usain Bolt
Edmund Hillary
Roger Bannister
The hovercraft
The battery
The dishwasher
You Can Do Better
Your knowledge is far from impoverished, but there are some large gaps you may want to plug up. It's hard to know where these are and we often remain ignorant about their existence until we are tested. That is why general knowledge quizzes are so helpful. They cover a wide array of topics to find gaps in our knowledge base. There are quite a few more general knowledge tests in our arsenal, why don't you play a few more and see where your knowledge truly stands.
You Did Great!
Your general knowledge is impressive, covering a wide array of sciences and disciplines. You also have a good memory for details to remember these facts. Your performance on this test was admirable, and even though you still had some mistakes, you showed you do have an above average knowledge base. Have a look at the answers to see what you did miss.
You Did Amazing!
Your knowledge base is impressive as heck! You are equipped with a variety of facts on any number of topics. You're probably a fascinating person to talk to , always ready to discuss a large number of subjects and provide actual information about them. You rarely run out of things to say, and you love learning more things every day. Keep it up, because knowledge is power.
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