Ready For a Round of General Knowledge Trivia?

Are you ready for another fun General Knowledge Quiz? Feel like you have a good assortment of random facts in your arsenal? Then let's put you to the test!
Which of these foods will spoil LAST?
What does a.m. stand for?
After meridiem
Ante meridiem
Almost meridian
Ante meridian
Which bird is the fastest?
The Peregrine Falcon
The Bald Eagle
The Common Swift
The Common Swallow
How many ribs does the human body have?
What is Vitamin B12's main benefit?
Helps with the formation of red blood cells
Helps the digestive system
Helps cells convert carbs into energy
Helps with healthy skin and teeth
Elvis Presley was nominated for 14 Grammys. How many did he win?
What did the word Astronaut mean in the original Greek?
Star Sailor
Space Finder
Star Explorer
Sky Breaker
True or False: Jellyfish are not fish
What is usually the most filthy object in your living room or a hotel room?
Light Switch
Toilet Bowl
Remote Control
Coffee Maker
Which river flows through Paris?
Seine River
Loire River
Louvre River
Thames River
Which southern Italian city is believed to be the birthplace of the pizza?
What American state do most of Stephen King's stories take place in?
New York
Not Your Day...
You didn't pass this test. This doesn't mean you don't have good general knowledge. After all, we may have just caught you on some stuff you had holes about. But this score does hint at large holes in your general knowledge and the best way to deal with that is either to read or to play more quizzes and learn from your mistakes. There are quite a few more general knowledge tests in our arsenal, why don't you play a few more and see where your knowledge truly stands.
Good Job!
Your general knowledge is impressive, covering a wide array of sciences and disciplines. You also have a good memory for details to remember these facts. Your performance on this test was admirable, and even though you still had some mistakes, you showed you do have an above average knowledge base. Have a look at the answers to see what you missed.
Wow, You Aced It!
Your knowledge base is impressive as heck! You are equipped with a variety of facts on any number of topics. You're probably a fascinating person to talk to, always ready to discuss a large number of subjects and provide actual information about them. You rarely run out of things to say, and you love learning more things every day. Keep it up, because knowledge is power.
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