How About Some Light Trivia?

Ready for some challenging general trivia? You better be refreshed and ready for these ones! From ancient mythology to animals and literature - there is plenty here to challenge you!
Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?
The Balkans
Bermuda Triangle
The Moon
In the book and movie Peter Pan, what is the name of Captain Hook's first mate?
Mr. Smee
Mr. Samwise
Mr. John Darling
Mr. Tootles
British call this species of bird 'tits'. What do they call them in the United States?
In what language did St. Paul record his epistles?
What sport are you not allowed to play left handed?
Table Tennis
Ice Hockey
In Greek mythology, Paris was forced to choose between the beauty of three goddess, each offering him something in return, which eventually lead to the Trojan War. Who did he pick?
Hera, queen of the gods, who promised him kingly power.
Athena, goddess of wisdom, who promised him intellect and victory in battle.
Aphrodite, goddess of love and desire, who promised him the most beautiful mortal woman.
How much weight can an ant lift?
5 times its weight
50 times its weight
500 times its weight
1000 times its weight
An alloy of iron-chromium and nickel makes what?
Stainless Steel
Who was the original 'Peeping Tom', spying on?
Lady Godiva
Nefertiti, queen of Ancient Egypt
Queen Elizabeth I
Catherine the Great
Frigophobia is the fear of...
Being wet
Being cold
Being hot
Being too dry
Which game/sport has had the most books written about it?
What does the Latin word for 'desert' (Desertus) originally mean?
Which soul singer was 'sitting on the dock of the bay"?
Otis Redding
Bill Withers
Stevie Wonder
Marvin Gaye
Shall We Try Again?
You scored low this time. This doesn't mean you don't have a good general knowledge. After all, we may have just caught you on some stuff you had holes about. But this score does hint at large holes in your general knowledge and the best way to deal with those are either to read or to play more quizzes and learn from your mistakes. There are quite a few more general knowledge tests in our arsenal, why don't you play a few more and see where your knowledge truly stands.
Nicely Done!
Your general knowledge is impressive, covering a wide array of sciences and disciplines. You also have a good memory for details to remember these facts. Your performance on this test was admirable, and even though you still had some mistakes, you showed you do have an above average knowledge base. Have a look at the answers to see what you did miss.
Your knowledge base is incredibly impressive! You are equipped with a variety of facts on any number of topics. You're probably a fascinating person to talk to , always ready to discuss a large number of subjects and provide actual information about them. You rarely run out of things to say, and you love learning more things every day. Keep it up, because knowledge is power.
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