How About a Quick Game of Trivia?

Ready to venture again into the world of fast trivia questions from all walks of life? We've got 12 questions for you ranging from science to animal kingdom, astrology to literature!
What is the third sign of the Zodiac, if we start from January 20th?
From the book 'Tom Sawyer' - How does Tom trick his friends into helping him whitewash the fence?
He lies and tells them they all get a penny
He pretends he's terribly sick
He pretends it's terribly fun
He bribes them with a pie he stole
What are the bones in the fingers called?
How many children does Oprah Winfrey have?
One daughter
She doesn't
Two daughters and one son
Two daughters
What do the hundred folds in a chef’s hat represent?
100 ways to cook an egg
100 ways to make a risotto
100 hours as a sous-chef
100 hours as a chef
Who played the female protagonist in the 1997 film 'Titanic'?
Helena Bonham Carter
Scarlett Johansson
Kate Winslet
Nicole Kidman
How much does it cost to make a Penny?
What does Vodka mean in English?
Little Water
Water of life
Mother's Milk
Potato juice
When there is trauma to the body, what does the trauma code give first priority?
The airway
The spine
The back of the head
The eyes
What is it called when light changes direction after passing through a lens?
Brocken Spectre
Circumhorizontal arc
What group of animals, when together, are referred to as an ambush?
American pioneer, John Chapman, was famous for planting which kind of tree?
Apple Trees
Cherry Trees
Blueberry Trees
Cranberry Trees
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