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How will you do when confronted with 13 questions from varying disciplines? We're about to see, and boy are we curious about how you'll do with THIS one!
Who wrote "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"
Roald Dahl
Judy Blume
Philip Pullman
Eric Carle
Robert Alan Zimmerman is the real name of...
Bob Dylan
Bob Dole
Bob Woodward
Bob Marley
In Greek mythology, which son of Zeus was the messenger of the gods?
Calabria, Liguria, Puglia and Veneto are all...
Regions of Italy
Brazilian foods
Spanish poets
Portuguese rivers
Which martial art's name means "Gentle Way"?
Kung Fu
In which country would you find the Negev Desert?
Saudi Arabia
If you suffer from epistaxis, you are suffering...
A Nosebleed
From Diabetes
A Heart Attack
A Stroke
Barry Allen is the alter ego and real name of this DC superhero...
The Flash
Green Lantern
What is the staple food for a third of the world's population?
What is a common name for the star Sirius?
Dog Star
Horse Star
Lion Star
Duck Star
What weapon was invented in 1916 by one Ernest Swinton?
The tank
The first artillery cannon
The hand grenade
The landmine
Viticulture is the growing of which plants?
Poisonous plants
Water-grown plants
Fruit trees
What was the first credit card?
American Express
Diners Club
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Perhaps this isn't your day, or perhaps these questions were just not in your realms of knowledge. Be that as it may, you can try or have a look at your mistakes...
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