Two Soviet Ships Collide - One Dies.
What do sea monsters eat?
Fish and ships.
If the pilgrims came on the Mayflower than what does the teacher come on? The scholar ships.
Why are snails allowed on ships?
Where does Google keep their ships?
In the Google Docs.
What do sailors buy to customise the back of their ships?
Aft-ermarket parts!
Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on the side of their ships?
So when they come back to port they can scandinavian.
Watched a TV show about how they build ships.
It was riveting.
What do you call a group of lions partying on ships in Gibraltar?
A strait pride parade.
What vegetable is not allowed on ships? Leeks.
What’s a whale’s favorite meal?
Fish and ships.
What vegetable isnt allowed on cruise ships?
Why don't they galvanize ships?
Because that would make them zinc.
Why do Norwegian ships have bar codes on them?
So when they come into port they can Scan-Da-Navy-In!