I saw a cow on fire ther dayand so I put it out.
Guess you could call it a rare experience.
A cow not being on the grill for very long is a rare occurrence.
Once we had a cooking exam. After I finished, teacher said, that it was well done
But I made Medium Rare.
There's a South American country where they have a rare pepper. Instead of being hot when you eat it, it makes your mouth feel cold.
It's called the Chilly Chile Chili.
My wife has this weird OCD where she arranges the dinner plates by the year they were bought.
It is an extremely rare dish order.
A rare black tiger is spotted in India
Everywhere else it has stripes.
Television is a medium,
Because anything well done is rare.
Did you hear about the man who stole thousands of dollars worth of rare tea?
He went to prison for Oolong time.
It is really rare to find the most perfectly cooked steak.
Someone told me I'm a rare Mexican Flower.
How rare is an excellent father?
You’re like the perfect audition piece: rare, beautiful, and extremely worth it.
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