Phones Jokes

Why did all the passengers on the right side of the ship have dead cell phones?
They weren’t on the port side of the ship.
Did you know they didn't have smart phones in ancient Rome?
They had tablets.
How do snails make important calls? On shell phones.
I stopped my phones to the cloud, and I kept getting mist calls.
Why did the belt get arrested? Because he held up a pair of pants. What do prisoners use to call each other? Cell phones.
Q: Why are orange and banana phones so popular these days?
A: They have appeal.
What do neurons use to talk to each other?
Cellular phones.

Cell phones are a static symbol.
If they could prove cell phones give deadly radiation
You could say to people you don't like "cant talk right now, you're giving me cancer".
You didn't hear the joke about cell phones?
Probably because it had a bad reception.
What do cell phones order at dinner?
I swear I was born in the wrong generation. Nowadays everyone is addicted to their phones.
I wish I was born in the 80's when everyone was addicted to Cocaine.
Mobile phones have been around longer than people think.
I was watching this film the other day and heard Sir Lancelot ask someone to fetch his charger.
Where do phones like to travel?
To the Great Call of China!
What is a phone's favorite TV show? Game of Phones.
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