What are pig criminals known for? Pigpockets.
When a dinosaur gets a goal in a soccer tournament, it is known as a dino-score.
Have you ever heard of the Poder bird?
It is also known as the Toucan
“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”
Mark Twain
The bowling team of which I am captain is known lightning. This is because we get countless strikes.
The toilets at an AMF are known as the boweling alleys.
There is a specific type of cats who love to go bowling. They are known as alley cats.
What do you call a mouse that doesn’t like being known about-?
That twisted ol' dude called Lee,
Had a thing for a woman's knee.
He tossed her a coin
She kicked in his groin
And now he is known as Cicely.
A wolf that uses bad language is known as a swearwolf.
An army of werewolves is known as a Fur-eign Legion.
Wolfs are named after lots of things around and about them. For instance, lumberjack wolfs are known as timber wolfs.
What group of cheese has been known to fly? Curds of prey!
Why was the koala scientist so well-respected by his peers? He was known for conducting excellent koalatative research.
When single ladies get to the age of 50, they tend to get lots of cats.
This phenomenon is known as many paws.