I knew this gambler.
He bet it all on a bluff.
He is now homeless.
Whats the best thing about dating homeless chicks? You can drop them off anywhere.
What does a homeless woman use for a vibrator? Two flies in a bottle.
Why are there only two pallbearers at a homeless guys funeral? There are only two handles on a garbage can.
What did the homeless man get for christmas?
What do you call a professional beach volleyball player who doesn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Homeless.
Homeless man attacks kid with a knife
Don’t worry the kid was fine. He had a knife.
I asked a pretty, young homeless woman if I could take her home. She smiled at me and said yes.
The look on her face soon changed, however, when I walked off with her cardboard box.
I’ve been dating a homeless woman recently, and I think it’s starting to get serious…
She’s asked me to move out with her.
I HATE when homeless people shake their cans of change at me.
I get it, you have more money than me, you don't have to show off.
I saw a homeless dude and gave him a dollar.
Then I saw a homeless woman and gave her $0.77.
Today, I donated my phone, watch, and $500 to a homeless man. Words cannot describe how happy I felt
When he put his gun back in his pocket
The other day a homeless man asked me for some change so I got my wallet out and realized I only had a £20 note.
I thought to myself, "Do I really want this money being spent on drugs?"
I decided I didn't so I gave him the money
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is it naked or homeless?