Fancy Jokes

The barman in the pub looked over at me said, "Your glass is empty. Fancy another one?" "
Why would I want two empty glasses?" I asked
Are you at the Chanel store? Because you are way too fancy for me.
Are you the Godiva store? Because you seem sweet and way too fancy for me.
I have a flamingo friend who has a fantastic imagination, but they are always indulging in flights of fancy.
I recently took a trip to Alaska. We ate at a fancy restaurant where the chef made us an amazing meal from native animals and vegetables we helped forage. I asked if he had ever had whale blubber or seal meat.
He said "nah, I’m not really Inuit."
I put my fancy shirts in the freezer before I wear them.
It's cold fashion, look it up!
When the ghost went to a fancy restaurant, he decided to wear a boo-tie.
Fancy a climb? Mount me in.
I'd love to go up and down with you, fancy a hill rep session?
I went to shop for a toaster. The sailsman showed me all the fancy features.
I said "wow, that's cool!"
And he replied, "Sorry ma'am,it can only warm"
Two Pharaohs are looking for a Sarcophagus...
they walk up to the sarcophagus salesman and the first Pharaoh says "We are looking for the cheapest sarcophagus you have for sale." The salesman asks "you're not looking for a fancy one?"
The second Pharaoh says "no, we are just trying to get our mummy's worth."
I do not want anything fancy just you and a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream.
What does rain wear to a fancy dinner party? A rainbow-tie.
The weather's getting colder, I really fancy some hot croc-o-late.
We all know that monkeys of all species love bananas, however, there is one family that doesn’t really fancy them, the orang-utans.
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