Fancy Jokes

Fancy a climb? Mount me in.
The weather's getting colder, I really fancy some hot croc-o-late.
Are you at the Chanel store? Because you are way too fancy for me.
We all know that monkeys of all species love bananas, however, there is one family that doesn’t really fancy them, the orang-utans.
I'd love to go up and down with you, fancy a hill rep session?
I have a flamingo friend who has a fantastic imagination, but they are always indulging in flights of fancy.
When the ghost went to a fancy restaurant, he decided to wear a boo-tie.
Two Pharaohs are looking for a Sarcophagus...
they walk up to the sarcophagus salesman and the first Pharaoh says "We are looking for the cheapest sarcophagus you have for sale." The salesman asks "you're not looking for a fancy one?"
The second Pharaoh says "no, we are just trying to get our mummy's worth."
What does rain wear to a fancy dinner party? A rainbow-tie.
Are you the Godiva store? Because you seem sweet and way too fancy for me.
I went to shop for a toaster. The sailsman showed me all the fancy features.
I said "wow, that's cool!"
And he replied, "Sorry ma'am,it can only warm"
I recently took a trip to Alaska. We ate at a fancy restaurant where the chef made us an amazing meal from native animals and vegetables we helped forage. I asked if he had ever had whale blubber or seal meat.
He said "nah, I’m not really Inuit."
I do not want anything fancy just you and a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream.
The barman in the pub looked over at me said, "Your glass is empty. Fancy another one?" "
Why would I want two empty glasses?" I asked
I put my fancy shirts in the freezer before I wear them.
It's cold fashion, look it up!
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