Sorry if this is extra cheesy, but you have a pizza my heart.
This Valentine's day, I decided to pay extra and buy flowers that look after themselves.
They are Self Raising.
What kind of fruit salad is most resistant to sunburn?
The kind with extra melon in.
What is a dessert called with an extra chromosome?
A chocolate downie.
What did the snowman order at the fast food restaurant?
An ice burger extra cheese.
What do you call an overweight alien?
An extra cholesterol.
What do you get if you cross a giraffe and a hedgehog?
An extra long toilet brush.
Why do volleyball players join the military? They want to gain extra experience in the service.
Where did the Terminator find extra olive oil??
Aisle B, back.
How does a man show he's planning for the future? He buys an extra case of beer. What do you call the useless piece of skin on a penis? The man. Why did God give men penises? So they'd have at least one way to shut a woman up.
A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.
Why was the sedimentary rock extra cheap?
Because it was on shale.
What do you call leftover aliens? Extra Terrestrials.
Why don’t readers have extra time? They’re booked.
What does daylight-saving time mean in Seattle?
An extra hour of rain.