Cutting Jokes

I don't like cutting up a peach. I think it's because of the pits.
Today I learned that the Pentagon was supposed to be the Octagon.
But the contractor kept cutting corners.
Why did the beaver stop cutting down trees?
The work gave him gnawsea
I was cutting cheese into very small pieces with a knife. The knife was great but a machine to help would’ve been grater.
I went into the kitchen and found that someone replaced all the cutting utensils with spoons
That wasn't knife.
Sorry for cutting you in line, I was hoping you believe in love at first sight.
What is the only way one does not have to cry while cutting onions? They simply don't have to form emotional bonds with it.
While cutting the onions, my eyes were leek-ing tears
The other day my dad was making pea soup and cutting up onions
I started to cry because Onions was a good dog.
Did you hear about the loggers who stopped cutting down the forest? The trees really felt re-leafed.
How does a hairdresser stop themselves from cutting their own hair?
By sheer will.
This zombie kept cutting the line so I gave her a piece of my mind.
She said it was yummy.
Cutting my arms was the best descision I've ever made
Hands down.
When the orange started peeling, he was glad it was finally cutting some weight.
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